prof. dr. Gerard Barkema

Instituut-Lorentz, Office 257
tel: +31-(0)71-5275522
fax: +31-(0)71-5275511

My research chair is titled "Computational statistical physics of (bio-) polymers".  The main area of my expertise is Monte Carlo methods in statistical physics. Over the last decade, I have focused on the application of statistical physics to polymeric systems, with an emphasis on the dynamics of biopolymers. Almost always, my research is a combination of theory and simulations. Topics of current interest are translocation, mechanical properties of biomolecular networks, and the physical chemistry of microarrays.

Usually, when I am not in Leiden, I can be found at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Utrecht.  My research there is focused on the development of efficient techniques to simulate the dynamics of atomic and molecular systems, and the study of disordered materials such as silica glass and amorphous silicon, of nucleation, and of structure development in phase-separating polymer mixtures (again, always combining theory with simulations).