On charge 2 calorons

Movies based on the paper: Higher charge calorons with non-trivial holonomy, by Falk Bruckmann, Dániel Nógrádi and Pierre van Baal, Nucl. Phys. B698 (2004) 233, hep-th/0404210. The movies were generated by Dániel Nógrádi from the analytic formulae using Maple (the option to work at high numerical precision is essential), and are at a somewhat lower resolution than the figures in the paper.

Hopping of the caloron zero-modes by varying z from -0.5 to 0.5 (in steps of 0.05) for the 11 [0.9 Mb] and the 22 [0.9 Mb] components of the zero-mode matrix, as well as for the combined [0.9 Mb] zero-mode density (i.e. the sum of the latter two). The parameters correspond to omega=0.25, k=0.997, D=8.753, as used for Fig. 1, where the zero-modes are shown for z=0 (periodic) and z=0.5=-0.5 (anti-periodic).

Comparing the action density [1.35 Mb] and combined zero-mode density [1.43 Mb] for varying k=(0.050, 0.258, 0.362, 0.442, 0.510, 0.569, 0.623, 0.673, 0.719, 0.762, 0.803, 0.842, 0.890, 0.916, 0.950), with omega=0.25 and D=EllipticK(k)/0.25-0.04 (close to the monopole limit, cmp. Fig. 3.)