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Publications from the Instituut-Lorentz in the year 2009

* Adagideli I, Bardarson JH, Jacquod P
Electrical probing of the spin conductance of mesoscopic cavities
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 21 (15): 155503 Apr 15 2009

* Akhmerov AR, Groth CW, Tworzydlo J, Beenakker CWJ
Switching of electrical current by spin precession in the first Landau level of an inverted-gap semiconductor
Physical Review B 80 (19): 195320 Nov 2009

* Akhmerov AR, Nilsson J, Beenakker CWJ
Electrically detected interferometry of Majorana fermions in a topological insulator
Physical Review Letters 102 (21): 216404 May 29 2009

* Ament LJP, Ghiringhelli G, Sala MM, Braicovich L, van den Brink J
Theoretical demonstration of how the dispersion of magnetic excitations in cuprate compounds can be determined using resonant inelastic X-ray scattering
Physical Review Letters 103 (11): 117003 Sep 11 2009

* Asboth JK, Akhmerov AR, Berceanu AC, Beenakker CWJ
Pseudodiffusive transmission of nodal Dirac fermions through a clean d-wave superconductor
Physical Review B 80 (22): 224517 Dec 2009

* Bartko H, Martins F, Fritz TK, Genzel R, Levin Y, Perets HB, Paumard T, Nayakshin S, Gerhard O, Alexander T, Dodds-Eden K, Eisenhauer F, Gillessen S, Mascetti L, Ott T, Perrin G, Pfuhl O, Reid MJ, Rouan D, Sternberg A, Trippe S
Evidence for warped disks of young stars in the galactic center
Astrophysical Journal 697 (2): 1741-1763 Jun 1 2009

* Batrouni GG, Rousseau VG, Scalettar RT
Magnetic and superfluid transitions in the one-dimensional spin-1 boson Hubbard model
Physical Review Letters 102 (14): 140402 Apr 10 2009

* Batrouni GG, Wolak MJ, Hebert F, Rousseau VG
Pair formation and collapse in imbalanced fermion populations with unequal masses
EPL 86 (4): 47006 May 2009

* Becherer P, Morozov AN, van Saarloos W
Probing a subcritical instability with an amplitude expansion: An exploration of how far one can get
Physica D-Nonlinear Phenomena 238 (18): 1827-1840 Sep 2009

* Becherer P, van Saarloos W, Morozov AN
Stress singularities and the formation of birefringent strands in stagnation flows of dilute polymer solutions
Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 157 (1-2): 126-132 Mar 2009

* Beenakker CWJ, Groth CW, Akhmerov AR
Nonalgebraic length dependence of transmission through a chain of barriers with a Lévy spacing distribution
Physical Review B 79 (2): 024204 Jan 2009

* Beenakker CWJ, Sepkhanov RA, Akhmerov AR, Tworzydlo J
Quantum Goos-Hänchen effect in graphene
Physical Review Letters 102 (14): 146804 Apr 10 2009

* Beenakker CWJ, Venderbos JWF, van Exter MP
Two-photon speckle as a probe of multi-dimensional entanglement
Physical Review Letters 102 (19): 193601 May 15 2009

* Benthem B, Levin Y
Thermorefractive and thermochemical noise in the beamsplitter of the GEO600 gravitational-wave interferometer
Physical Review D 80 (6): 062004 Sep 2009

* Béri B
Random scattering matrices for Andreev quantum dots with nonideal leads
Physical Review B 79 (21): 214506 Jun 2009

* Béri B
Dephasing-enabled triplet Andreev conductance
Physical Review B 79 (24): 245315 Jun 2009

* Béri B, Kupferschmidt JN, Beenakker CWJ, Brouwer PW
Quantum limit of the triplet proximity effect in half-metal-superconductor junctions
Physical Review B 79 (2): 024517 Jan 2009

* Bisogni V, Ament LJP, Aruta C, Balestrino G, Brookes NB, Forte F, Ghiringhelli G, Medaglia PG, van den Brink J, Braicovich L
Effect of the chemical pressure on bimagnons in antiferromagnetic insulators: CaCuO_2 and BaCuO_2 studied with Cu-L-3 resonant inelastic X-ray scattering
European Physical Journal-Special Topics 169: 141-145 Mar 2009

* Braicovich L, Ament LJP, Bisogni V, Forte F, Aruta C, Balestrino G, Brookes NB, Luca GM, Medaglia PG, Granozio FM, Radovic M, Salluzzo M, van den Brink J, Ghiringhelli G
Dispersion of magnetic excitations in the cuprate La_2CuO_4 and CaCuO_2 compounds measured using resonant X-ray scattering
Physical Review Letters 102 (16): 167401 Apr 24 2009

* Broedersz CP, Storm C, MacKintosh FC
Effective-medium approach for stiff polymer networks with flexible cross-links
Physical Review E 79 (6): 061914 Jun 2009

* Castro Neto AH, Kotov VN, Nilsson J, Pereira VM, Peres NMR, Uchoa B
Adatoms in graphene
Solid State Communications 149 (27-28): 1094-1100 Jul 2009

* Caux JS, Klauser A, van den Brink J
Polarization suppression and nonmonotonic local two-body correlations in the two-component Bose gas in one dimension
Physical Review A 80 (6): 061605 Dec 2009

* Chen CC, Moritz B, van den Brink J, Devereaux TP, Singh RRP
Finite-temperature spin dynamics and phase transitions in spin-orbital models
Physical Review B 80 (18): 180418 Nov 2009

* Chen HY, Gong JO
Towards a warped inflationary brane scanning
Physical Review D 80 (6): 063507 Sep 2009

* Choi KY, Gong JO, Jeong DH
Evolution of the curvature perturbation during and after multi-field inflation
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 2: 032 Feb 2009

* Covi L, Gomez-Reino M, Gross C, Palma GA, Scrucca CA
Constructing de Sitter vacua in no-scale string models without uplifting
Journal of High Energy Physics 3: 146 Mar 2009

* Craciun MF, Giovannetti G, Rogge S, Brocks G, Morpurgo AF, van den Brink J
Evidence for the formation of a Mott state in potassium-intercalated pentacene
Physical Review B 79 (12): 125116 Mar 2009

* Cubrovic M, Zaanen J, Schalm K
String theory, quantum phase transitions, and the emergent Fermi liquid
Science 325 (5939):439-444 Jul 24 2009

* Deng YJ, Qian XF, Blöte HWJ
Single-cluster dynamics for the random-cluster model
Physical Review E 80 (3): 036707 Sep 2009

* Depken M, Schiessel H
Nucleosome shape dictates chromatin fiber structure
Biophysical Journal 96 (3): 777-784 Feb 4 2009

* Ding CX, Deng YJ, Guo WN, Blöte HWJ
Percolation and critical O(n) loop configurations
Physical Review E 79 (6): 061118 Jun 2009

* Ellenbroek WG, van Hecke M, van Saarloos W
Jammed frictionless disks: Connecting local and global response
Physical Review E 80 (6): 061307 Dec 2009

* Ellenbroek WG, Zeravcic Z, van Saarloos W, van Hecke M
Non-affine response: Jammed packings vs. spring networks
EPL 87 (3):34004 Aug 2009

* Emanuel M, Radja NH, Henriksson A, Schiessel H
The physics behind the larger scale organization of DNA in eukaryotes
Physical Biology 6 (2): 025008 Jun 2009

* Filippi C, Zaccheddu M, Buda F
Absorption spectrum of the Green Fluorescent Protein chromophore: a difficult case for Ab Initio methods?
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 5 (8):2074-2087 Aug 2009

* Gentile G, Famaey B, Zhao HS, Salucci P
Universality of galactic surface densities within one dark halo scale-length
Nature 461 (7264): 627-628 Oct 1 2009

* Giovannetti G, Kumar S, Khomskii D, Picozzi S, van den Brink J
Multiferroicity in rare-earth nickelates RNiO_3
Physical Review Letters 103 (15): 156401 Oct 9 2009

* Giovannetti G, Kumar S, Stroppa A, van den Brink J, Picozzi S
Multiferroicity in TTF-CA organic molecular crystals predicted through ab-initio calculations
Physical Review Letters 103 (26): 266401 Dec 28 2009

* Giovannetti G, Kumar S, van den Brink J, Picozzi S
Magnetically induced electronic ferroelectricity in half-doped manganites
Physical Review Letters 103 (3): 037601 Jul 17 2009

* Groth CW, Wimmer M, Akhmerov AR, Tworzydlo J, Beenakker CWJ
Theory of the Topological Anderson Insulator
Physical Review Letters 103 (19): 196805 Nov 6 2009

* Guo WN, Deng YJ, Blöte HWJ
Crossing bonds in the random-cluster model
Physical Review E 79 (6): 061112 Jun 2009

* Hardeman S
Quark matter influence on observational properties of compact stars
Nuclear Physics A 820: 211c-214c Apr 1 2009

* Henkes S, Chakraborty B
Statistical mechanics framework for static granular matter
Physical Review E 79 (6): 061301 Jun 2009

* Hogan CJ, Jackson MG
Holographic geometry and noise in matrix theory
Physical Review D 79 (12): 124009 Jun 2009

* Idema T, van Leeuwen JMJ, Storm C
Phase coexistence and line tension in ternary lipid systems
Physical Review E 80 (4): 041924 Oct 2009

* Jackson MG, Siemens X
Gravitational wave bursts from cosmic superstring reconnections
Journal of High Energy Physics (6): 089 Jun 2009

* Jiang HC, Krüger F, Moore JE, Sheng DN, Zaanen J, Weng ZY
Phase diagram of the frustrated spatially-anisotropic S=1 antiferromagnet on a square lattice
Physical Review B 79 (17): 174409 May 2009

* Kamien RD, Nelson DR, Santangelo CD, Vitelli V
Extrinsic curvature, geometric optics, and lamellar order on curved substrates
Physical Review E 80 (5): 051703 Nov 2009

* Khomyakov PA, Giovannetti G, Rusu PC, Brocks G, van den Brink J, Kelly PJ
First-principles study of the interaction and charge transfer between graphene and metals
Physical Review B 79 (19): 195425 May 2009

* Knebe A, Llinares C, Wu XF, Zhao HS
On the separation between baryonic and dark matter: evidence for phantom dark matter?
Astrophysical Journal 703 (2): 2285-2290 Oct 1 2009

* Kroll KM, Barkema GT, Carlon E
Linear model for fast background subtraction in oligonucleotide microarrays
Algorithms for Molecular Biology 4: 15 Nov 16 2009

* Krüger F, Kumar S, Zaanen J, van den Brink J
Spin-orbital frustrations and anomalous metallic state in iron-pnictide superconductors
Physical Review B 79 (5): 054504 Feb 2009

* Kuipers J, Barkema GT
Non-Markovian dynamics of clusters during nucleation
Physical Review E 79 (6): 062101 Jun 2009

* Leurs BWA, Nazario Z, Santiago DI, Zaanen J
Erratum: Non-Abelian hydrodynamics and the flow of spin in spin-orbit coupled substances (vol 323, pg 907, 2008)
Annals of Physics 324 (8): 1821-1821 Aug 2009

* Mafra DL, Malard LM, Doorn SK, Htoon H, Nilsson J, Castro Neto AH, Pimenta MA
Observation of the Kohn anomaly near the K point of bilayer graphene
Physical Review B 80 (24): 241414 Dec 2009

* Mesaros A, Sadri D, Zaanen J
Berry phase of dislocations in graphene and valley conserving decoherence
Physical Review B 79 (15): 155111 Apr 2009

* Mollazadeh-Beidokhti L, Deseigne J, Lacoste D, Mohammad-Rafiee F, Schiessel H
Stochastic model for nucleosome sliding under an external force
Physical Review E 79 (3): 031922 Mar 2009

* Mollazadeh-Beidokhti L, Mohammad-Rafiee F, Schiessel H
Active nucleosome displacement: a theoretical approach
Biophysical Journal 96 (11): 4387-4398 Jun 3 2009

* Ortix C, Lorenzana J, Di Castro C
Universality classes for Coulomb frustrated phase separation
Physica B-Condensed Matter 404 (3-4): 499-502 Mar 1 2009

* Palma GA, Patil SP
UV/IR mode mixing and the CMB
Physical Review D 80 (8): 083010 Oct 2009

* Palma GA, Patil SP
Inflation with a stringy minimal length, reworked
Journal of High Energy Physics 4: 005 Apr 2009

* Panja D, Barkema GT
Rouse modes of self-avoiding flexible polymers
Journal of Chemical Physics 131 (15): 154903 Oct 21 2009

* Panja D, Barkema GT, Ball RC
Reply to the comment on 'Anomalous dynamics of unbiased polymer translocation through a narrow pore'
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 21 (9): 098002 Mar 4 2009

* Panja D, Barkema GT, Kolomeisky AB
Non-equilibrium dynamics of single polymer adsorption to solid surfaces
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 21 (24): 242101 Jun 17 2009

* Recher P, Nilsson J, Burkard G, Trauzettel B
Bound states and magnetic field induced valley splitting in gate-tunable graphene quantum dots
Physical Review B 79 (8): 085407 Feb 2009

* Rigol M, Batrouni GG, Rousseau VG, Scalettar RT
State diagrams for harmonically trapped bosons in optical lattices
Physical Review A 79 (5): 053605 May 2009

* Rousseau VG, Denteneer PJH
Feshbach-Einstein Condensates
Physical Review Letters 102 (1): 015301 Jan 9 2009

* Sawatzky GA, Elfimov IS, van den Brink J, Zaanen J
Heavy-anion solvation of polarity fluctuations in pnictides
EPL 86 (1): 17006 Apr 2009

* Sefusatti E, Liguori M, Yadav APS, Jackson MG, Pajer E
Constraining running non-gaussianity
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 12: 022 Dec 2009

* Semrau S, Idema T, Schmidt T, Storm C
Membrane-mediated interactions measured using membrane domains
Biophysical Journal 96 (12): 4906-4915 Jun 17 2009

* Sepkhanov RA, Medvedyeva MV, Beenakker CWJ
Hartman effect and spin precession in graphene
Physical Review B 80 (24): 245433 Dec 2009

* Sepkhanov RA, Ossipov A, Beenakker CWJ
Extinction of coherent backscattering by a disordered photonic crystal with a Dirac spectrum
EPL 85 (1): 14005 Jan 2009

* She JH, Zaanen J
BCS superconductivity in quantum critical metals
Physical Review B 80 (18): 184518 Nov 2009

* Snyman I, Nazarov YV
Bistability in voltage-biased NISIN structures
Physical Review B 79 (1): 014510 Jan 2009

* Ulrich C, Ament LJP, Ghiringhelli G, Braicovich L, Sala MM, Pezzotta N, Schmitt T, Khaliullin G, van den Brink J, Roth H, Lorenz T, Keimer B
Momentum dependence of orbital excitations in Mott-insulating titanates
Physical Review Letters 103 (10): 107205 Sep 4 2009

* van Eerd ART, Tighe BP, Vlugt TJH
Numerical study of the force network ensemble
Molecular Simulation 35 (14): 1168-1184 2009

* van Haasteren R, Levin Y, McDonald P, Lu TT
On measuring the gravitational-wave background using Pulsar Timing Arrays
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 395 (2): 1005-1014 May 11 2009

* van Leeuwen JMJ, de Villeneuve VWA, Lekkerkerker HNW
Persistence in practice
Journal of Statistical Mechanics-Theory and Experiment P09003 Sep 2009

* Van Leeuwen JMJ, Drzewinski A
Stochastic lattice models for the dynamics of linear polymers
Physics Reports 475 (5-6): 53-90 May 2009

* Vitelli V, Jain B, Kamien RD
Topological defects in gravitational lensing shear fields
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 9: 034 Sep 2009

* Vocks H, Panja D, Barkema GT
Amplitude and frequency spectra of thermal fluctuations of a translocating RNA molecule
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 21 (37): 375105 Sep 16 2009

* Woldhuis E, Tighe B, van Saarloos W
Wide shear zones and the spot model: Implications from the split-bottom geometry
European Physical Journal E 28 (1): 73-78 Jan 2009

* Yang WL, Sorini AP, Chen CC, Moritz B, Lee WS, Vernay F, Olalde-Velasco P, Denlinger JD, Delley B, Chu JH, Analytis JG, Fisher IR, Ren ZA, Yang J, Lu W, Zhao ZX, van den Brink J, Hussain Z, Shen ZX, Devereaux TP
Evidence for weak electronic correlations in iron pnictides
Physical Review B 80 (1): 014508 Jul 2009

* Zaanen J
Fast electrons tie quantum knots
Science 323 (5916): 888-890 Feb 13 2009

* Zaanen J
The pnictide code
Nature 457 (7229): 546-547 Jan 29 2009

* Zaanen J
Specific-heat jump at the superconducting transition and the quantum critical nature of the normal state of pnictide superconductors
Physical Review B 80 (21): 212502 Dec 2009

* Zeravcic Z, Xu N, Liu AJ, Nagel SR, van Saarloos W
Excitations of ellipsoid packings near jamming
EPL 87 (2):26001 Jul 2009

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