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Publications from the Instituut-Lorentz in the year 2016

* A Achúcarro, P Ortiz, K Sousa,
New class of de Sitter vacua in string theory compactifications.
Physical Review D 94, 086012 (2016).

* S Alam, S Ho, A Silvestri,
Testing deviations from lambda-CDM with growth rate measurements from six large-scale structure surveys at z=0.06-1.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 456, 3743-3756 (2016).

* M Albert, D Chevallier, P Devillard,
Waiting times of entangled electrons in normal-superconducting junctions.
Physica E 76, 209-215 (2016).

* S Alekhin, W Altmannshofer, T Asaka, B Batell, F Bezrukov, K Bondarenko, A Boyarsky, KY Choi, C Corral, N Craig, D Curtin, S Davidson, A de Gouvea, S Dell'Oro, P deNiverville, PSB Dev, H Dreiner, M Drewes, S Eijima, R Essig, A Fradette, B Garbrecht, B Gavela, GF Giudice, MD Goodsell, D Gorbunov, S Gori, C Grojean, A Guffanti, T Hambye, SH Hansen, JC Helo, P Hernandez, A Ibarra, A Ivashko, E Izaguirre, J Jaeckel, YS Jeong, F Kahlhoefer, Y Kahn, A Katz, CS Kim, S Kovalenko, G Krnjaic, VE Lyubovitskij, S Marcocci, M Mccullough, D McKeen, G Mitselmakher, SO Moch, RN Mohapatra, DE Morrissey, M Ovchynnikov, E Paschos, A Pilaftsis, M Pospelov, MH Reno, A Ringwald, A Ritz, L Roszkowski, V Rubakov, O Ruchayskiy, I Schienbein, D Schmeier, K Schmidt-Hoberg, P Schwaller, G Senjanovic, O Seto, M Shaposhnikov, L Shchutska, J Shelton, R Shrock, B Shuve, M Spannowsky, A Spray, F Staub, D Stolarski, M Strassler, V Tello, F Tramontano, A Tripathi, S Tulin, F Vissani, MW Winkler, KM Zurek,
A facility to search for hidden particles at the CERN SPS: The SHiP physics case.
Reports on Progress in Physics 79, 124201 (2016).

* T Andrade, A Krikun,
Commensurability effects in holographic homogeneous lattices.
Journal of High Energy Physics 05, 039 (2016).

* I Arefeva, A Bagrov, P Saterskog, K Schalm,
Holographic dual of a time machine.
Physical Review D 94, 044059 (2016).

* R Argurio, A Marzolla, A Mezzalira, D Musso,
Analytic pseudo-Goldstone bosons.
Journal of High Energy Physics 03, 012 (2016).

* A Bagrov, N Kaplis, A Krikun, K Schalm, J Zaanen,
Holographic fermions at strong translational symmetry breaking: A Bianchi-VII case study.
Journal of High Energy Physics 11, 057 (2016).

* P Baireuther, JA Hutasoit, J Tworzydlo, CWJ Beenakker,
Scattering theory of the chiral magnetic effect in a Weyl semimetal: Interplay of bulk Weyl cones and surface Fermi arcs.
New Journal of Physics 18, 045009 (2016).

* S Battiston, D Farmer, A Flache, D Garlaschelli, A Haldane, H Heesterbeek, C Hommes, C Jaeger, R May, M Scheffer,
Financial complexity: Accounting for fraud response.
Science 352, 302 (2016).

* S Battiston, JD Farmer, A Flache, D Garlaschelli, AG Haldane, H Heesterbeek, C Hommes, C Jaeger, R May, M Scheffer,
Complex systems complexity theory and financial regulation.
Science 351, 818-819 (2016).

* C Beenakker,
Bringing order to the expanding fermion zoo.
Science 353, 539-540 (2016).

* C Beenakker, L Kouwenhoven,
A road to reality with topological superconductors.
Nature Physics 12, 618-621 (2016).

* F Bianchini, A Silvestri,
Kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect in modified gravity.
Physical Review D 93, 064026 (2016).

* S Bose, WA Hellwing, CS Frenk, A Jenkins, MR Lovell, JC Helly, BJ Li,
The Copernicus Complexio: Statistical properties of warm dark matter haloes.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 455, 318-333 (2016).

* S Bose, CS Frenk, J Hou, CG Lacey, MR Lovell,
Reionization in sterile neutrino cosmologies.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 463, 3848-3859 (2016).

* N Bozorgnia, F Calore, M Schaller, M Lovell, G Bertone, CS Frenk, RA Crain, JF Navarro, J Schaye, T Theuns,
Simulated milky way analogues: Implications for dark matter direct searches.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 05, 024 (2016).

* M Breitkreiz, PMR Brydon, C Timm,
Interrupted orbital motion in density-wave systems.
Physical Review B 94, 205103 (2016).

* C Brito, V Vitelli, O Dauchot,
Orientational order at finite temperature on curved surfaces.
Journal of Statistical Mechanics 033208 (2016).

* P Bull, Y Akrami, J Adamek, T Baker, E Bellini, JB Jimenez, E Bentivegna, S Camera, S Clesse, JH Davis, E Di Dio, J Enander, A Heavens, L Heisenberg, B Hu, C Llinares, R Maartens, E Mortsell, S Nadathur, J Noller, R Pasechnik, MS Pawlowski, TS Pereira, M Quartin, A Ricciardone, S Riemer-Sorensen, M Rinaldi, J Sakstein, ID Saltas, V Salzano, I Sawicki, AR Solomon, D Spolyar, GD Starkman, D Steer, I Tereno, L Verde, F Villaescusa-Navarro, M von Strauss, HA Winther,
Beyond lambda-CDM: Problems, solutions, and the road ahead.
Physics of the Dark Universe 12, 56-99 (2016).

* MR Buijink, A Almog, CB Wit, O Roethler, AHO Olde Engberink, JH Meijer, D Garlaschelli, JHT Rohling, S Michel,
Evidence for weakened intercellular coupling in the mammalian circadian clock under long photoperiod.
PLoS ONE 11, e0168954 (2016).

* CC Bultink, MA Rol, TE O'Brien, X Fu, BCS Dikken, C Dickel, RFL Vermeulen, JC de Sterke, A Bruno, RN Schouten, L DiCarlo,
Active resonator reset in the nonlinear dispersive regime of circuit QED.
Physical Review Applied 6, 034008 (2016).

* P Burikham, N Poovuttikul,
Shear viscosity in holography and effective theory of transport without translational symmetry.
Physical Review D 94, 106001 (2016).

* M Ceriotti, V Vitelli,
Vitrification machines learn to recognize glasses.
Nature Physics 12, 377-378 (2016).

* BGG Chen, B Liu, AA Evans, J Paulose, I Cohen, V Vitelli, CD Santangelo,
Topological mechanics of origami and kirigami.
Physical Review Letters 116, 135501 (2016).

* F Cianfrani, G Montani, V Scopelliti,
Spin connection as Lorentz gauge field in Fairchild's action.
Modern Physics Letters A 31, 1650124 (2016).

* B Clauwens, M Franx, J Schaye
A large difference in the progenitor masses of active and passive galaxies in the EAGLE simulation.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 463, L1-L5 (2016).

* B Clauwens, J Schaye, M Franx,
Implications of a variable IMF for the interpretation of observations of galaxy populations.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 462, 2832-2846 (2016).

* G d'Ambrosi, SS Kumar, J van de Vis, JW van Holten,
Spinning bodies in curved spacetime.
Physical Review D 93, 044051 (2016).

* L de Bruin, M Tompitak, B Eslami-Mossallam, H Schiessel,
Why do nucleosomes unwrap asymmetrically?
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120, 5855-5863 (2016).

* RA Davison, S Grozdanov, S Janiszewski, M Kaminski,
Momentum and charge transport in non-relativistic holographic fluids from Horava gravity.
Journal of High Energy Physics 11, 170 (2016).

* CX Ding, HWJ Blöte, YJ Deng,
Emergent O(n) symmetry in a series of three-dimensional Potts models.
Physical Review B 94, 104402 (2016).

* MM Driscoll, BGG Chen, TH Beuman, S Ulrich, SR Nagel, V Vitelli,
The role of rigidity in controlling material failure.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113, 10813-10817 (2016).

* B Eslami-Mossallam, H Schiessel, J van Noort,
Nucleosome dynamics: Sequence matters.
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 232, 101-113 (2016).

* B Eslami-Mossallam, RD Schram, M Tompitak, J van Noort, H Schiessel,
Multiplexing genetic and nucleosome positioning codes: A computational approach.
PLOS ONE 11, e0156905 (2016).

* J Franse, E Bulbul, A Foster, A Boyarsky, M Markevitch, M Bautz, D Iakubovskyi, M Loewenstein, M McDonald, E Miller,
Radial profile of the 3.5 keV line out to R_200 in the Perseus Cluster.
Astrophysical Journal 829, 124 (2016).

* N Frusciante, G Papadomanolakis, A Silvestri,
An extended action for the effective field theory of dark energy: A stability analysis and a complete guide to the mapping at the basis of EFTCAMB.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 07, 018 (2016).

* N Frusciante, M Raveri, D Vernieri, B Hu, A Silvestri,
Horava gravity in the effective field theory formalism: From cosmology to observational constraints.
Physics of the Dark Universe 13, 7-24 (2016).

* Z Fu, WA Guo, HWJ Blöte,
Special transitions in an O(n) loop model with an Ising-like constraint.
Physical Review E 93, 042108 (2016).

* O Gamayun, AG Pronko, MB Zvonarev,
Time and temperature-dependent correlation function of an impurity in one-dimensional Fermi and Tonks-Girardeau gases as a Fredholm determinant.
New Journal of Physics 18, 045005 (2016).

* O Gamayun, M Semenyakin,
Soliton splitting in quenched classical integrable systems.
Journal of Physics A 49, 335201 (2016).

* V Gemmetto, T Squartini, F Picciolo, F Ruzzenenti, D Garlaschelli,
Multiplexity and multireciprocity in directed multiplexes.
Physical Review E 94, 042316 (2016).

* Y Gerasimenko, B Tarasinski, CWJ Beenakker,
Attractor-repeller pair of topological zero modes in a nonlinear quantum walk.
Physical Review A 93, 022329 (2016).

* L Giomi,
One ring to rule them all: Tuning bacteria collective motion via geometric confinement.
New Journal of Physics 18, 081001 (2016).

* NV Gnezdilov, M Diez, MJ Pacholski, CWJ Beenakker,
Wiedemann-Franz-type relation between shot noise and thermal conduction of Majorana surface states in a three-dimensional topological superconductor.
Physical Review B 94, 115415 (2016).

* EV Gorbar, IA Shovkovy, S Vilchinskii, I Rudenok, A Boyarsky, O Ruchayskiy,
Anomalous Maxwell equations for inhomogeneous chiral plasma.
Physical Review D 93, 105028 (2016).

* S Grozdanov, N Kaplis,
Constructing higher-order hydrodynamics: The third order.
Physical Review D 93, 066012 (2016).

* S Grozdanov, N Kaplis, AO Starinets,
From strong to weak coupling in holographic models of thermalization.
Journal of High Energy Physics 07, 151 (2016).

* S Grozdanov, D Kraljic, EE Svanes,
Inflationary potentials from the exact renormalisation group.
Nuclear Physics B 909, 657-676 (2016).

* S Grozdanov, A Lucas, K Schalm,
Incoherent thermal transport from dirty black holes.
Physical Review D 93, 061901 (2016).

* S Grozdanov, N Poovuttikul,
Universality of anomalous conductivities in theories with higher-derivative holographic duals.
Journal of High Energy Physics 046 (2016).

* M Horsdal, G Khaliullin, T Hyart, B Rosenow,
Enhancing triplet superconductivity by the proximity to a singlet superconductor in oxide heterostructures.
Physical Review B 93, 220502 (2016).

* B Hu, M Raveri, M Rizzato, A Silvestri,
Testing Hu-Sawicki f(R) gravity with the effective field theory approach.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 459, 3880-3889 (2016).

* SK Jain, V Juricic, GT Barkema,
Boundaries determine the formation energies of lattice defects in two-dimensional buckled materials.
Physical Review B 94, 020102 (2016).

* R Keesman, J Lamers, RA Duine, GT Barkema,
Finite-size scaling at infinite-order phase transitions.
Journal of Statistical Mechanics 093201 (2016).

* R Keesman, M Raaijmakers, AE Baerends, GT Barkema, RA Duine,
Skyrmions in square-lattice antiferromagnets.
Physical Review B 94, 054402 (2016).

* R Kerner, JW Van Holten,
Hamilton-Jacobi approach to cosmology with nonlinear sigma model.
International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics 13, 1640004 (2016).

* F Kohlinger, M Viola, W Valkenburg, B Joachimi, H Hoekstra, K Kuijken,
A direct measurement of tomographic lensing power spectra from CFHTLenS.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 456, 1508-1527 (2016).

* V Koning, T Lopez-Leon, A Darmon, A Fernandez-Nieves, V Vitelli,
Spherical nematic shells with a threefold valence.
Physical Review E 94, 012703 (2016).

* K Liu, J Nissinen, RJ Slager, K Wu, J Zaanen,
Generalized liquid crystals: Giant fluctuations and the vestigial chiral order of I, O, and T matter.
Physical Review X 6, 041025 (2016).

* MR Lovell, S Bose, A Boyarsky, S Cole, CS Frenk, V Gonzalez-Perez, R Kennedy, O Ruchayskiy, A Smith,
Satellite galaxies in semi-analytic models of galaxy formation with sterile neutrino dark matter.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 461, 60-72 (2016).

* A Lucas, K Schalm, B Doyon, MJ Bhaseen,
Shock waves, rarefaction waves, and nonequilibrium steady states in quantum critical systems.
Physical Review D 94, 025004 (2016).

* M Marciani, H Schomerus, CWJ Beenakker,
Effect of a tunnel barrier on the scattering from a Majorana bound state in an Andreev billiard.
Physica E 77, 54-64 (2016).

* CJAP Martins, M Martinelli, E Calabrese, MPLP Ramos,
Real-time cosmography with redshift derivatives.
Physical Review D 94, 043001 (2016).

* AS Meeussen, J Paulose, V Vitelli,
Geared topological metamaterials with tunable mechanical stability.
Physical Review X 6, 041029 (2016).

* B Meszena, P Saterskog, A Bagrov, K Schalm,
Nonperturbative emergence of non-Fermi-liquid behavior in d=2 quantum critical metals.
Physical Review B 94, 115134 (2016).

* A Mezzalira, A Parnachev,
A holographic model of quantum Hall transition.
Nuclear Physics B 904, 448-469 (2016).

* D Munshi, B Hu, T Matsubara, P Coles, A Heavens,
Lensing-induced morphology changes in cmb temperature maps in modified gravity theories.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 056 (2016).

* J Nissinen, K Liu, RJ Slager, K Wu, J Zaanen,
Classification of point-group-symmetric orientational ordering tensors.
Physical Review E 94, 022701 (2016).

* TE O'Brien, DA Abanin, G Vidal, Z Papic,
Explicit construction of local conserved operators in disordered many-body systems.
Physical Review B 94, 144208 (2016).

* TE O'Brien, M Diez, CWJ Beenakker,
Magnetic breakdown and Klein tunneling in a type-II Weyl semimetal.
Physical Review Letters 116, 236401 (2016).

* VP Ostroukh, B Baxevanis, AR Akhmerov, CWJ Beenakker,
Two-dimensional Josephson vortex lattice and anomalously slow decay of the Fraunhofer oscillations in a ballistic SNS junction with a warped Fermi surface.
Physical Review B 94, 094514 (2016).

* V Palchykov, V Gemmetto, A Boyarsky, D Garlaschelli,
Ground truth? Concept-based communities versus the external classification of physics manuscripts.
EPJ Data Science 5, 28 (2016).

* D Panja, GT Barkema, JMJ van Leeuwen,
Dynamics of a double-stranded DNA segment in a shear flow.
Physical Review E 93, 042501 (2016).

* DJG Pearce, L Giomi,
Linear response to leadership, effective temperature, and decision making in flocks.
Physical Review E 94, 022612 (2016).

* M Pelliccia, P Andreozzi, J Paulose, M D'Alicarnasso, V Cagno, M Donalisio, A Civra, RM Broeckel, N Haese, PJ Silva, RP Carney, V Marjomaki, DN Streblow, D Lembo, F Stellacci, V Vitelli, S Krol,
Additives for vaccine storage to improve thermal stability of adenoviruses from hours to months.
Nature Communications 7, 13520 (2016).

* DI Pikulin, PG Silvestrov, T Hyart,
Confinement-deconfinement transition due to spontaneous symmetry breaking in quantum Hall bilayers.
Nature Communications 7, 10462 (2016).

* L Pogosian, A Silvestri,
What can cosmology tell us about gravity? Constraining Horndeski gravity with sigma and mu.
Physical Review D 94, 104014 (2016).

* XF Qian, YJ Deng, YH Liu, WA Guo, HWJ Blöte,
Equivalent-neighbor Potts models in two dimensions.
Physical Review E 94, 052103 (2016).

* CHL Quay, C Dutreix, D Chevallier, C Bena, M Aprili,
Frequency-domain measurement of the spin-imbalance lifetime in superconductors.
Physical Review B 93, 220501 (2016).

* DZ Rocklin, BGG Chen, M Falk, V Vitelli, TC Lubensky,
Mechanical Weyl modes in topological Maxwell lattices.
Physical Review Letters 116, 135503 (2016).

* O Ruchayskiy, A Boyarsky, D Iakubovskyi, E Bulbul, D Eckert, J Franse, D Malyshev, M Markevitch, A Neronov,
Searching for decaying dark matter in deep XMM-Newton observation of the Draco dwarf spheroidal.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 460, 1390-1398 (2016).

* A Sala, M Blaauboer,
Proposal for a transmon-based quantum router.
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 28, 275701 (2016).

* EE Saperstein, M Baldo, NV Gnezdilov, SV Tolokonnikov,
Phonon effects on the double mass differences in magic nuclei.
Physical Review C 93, 034302 (2016).

* EE Saperstein, M Baldo, NV Gnezdilov, SV Tolokonnikov,
Phonon-particle coupling effects in odd-even double mass differences of magic nuclei.
JETP Letters 103, 1-7 (2016).

* RD Schram, H Schiessel,
Exact enumeration of hamiltonian walks on the 4 x 4 x 4 cube and applications to protein folding (Corrigendum for vol 46, 485001, 2013).
Journal of Physics A 49, 369501 (2016).

* RJ Slager, V Juricic, V Lahtinen, J Zaanen,
Self-organized pseudo-graphene on grain boundaries in topological band insulators.
Physical Review B 93, 245406 (2016).

* M Tompitak, BE Mossalam, GT Barkema, H Schiessel,
Can Markov chain models predict nucleosome positioning?
Biophysical Journal 110, 404A (2016).

* M Tompitak, H Schiessel, GT Barkema,
Force responses of strongly intrinsically curved DNA helices deviate from worm-like chain predictions.
EPL 116, 68005 (2016).

* L Valori, GL Giannuzzi, A Facchini, T Squartini, D Garlaschelli, R Basosi,
A generation-attraction model for renewable energy flows in Italy: A complex network approach.
European Physical Journal-Special Topics 225, 1913-1927 (2016).

* AJ Vromans, L Giomi,
Orientational properties of nematic disclinations.
Soft Matter 12, 6490-6495 (2016).

* JJT Wagenaar, AMJ den Haan, JM de Voogd, L Bossoni, TA de Jong, M de Wit, KM Bastiaans, DJ Thoen, A Endo, TM Klapwijk, J Zaanen, TH Oosterkamp,
Probing the nuclear spin-lattice relaxation time at the nanoscale.
Physical Review Applied 6, 014007 (2016).

* MY Wang, LE Strigari, MR Lovell, CS Frenk, AR Zentner,
Mass assembly history and infall time of the Fornax dwarf spheroidal galaxy.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 457, 4248-4261 (2016).

* AS Wegner, K Wintraecken, R Spurio, CL Woldringh, R de Vries, T Odijk,
Compaction of isolated Escherichia coli nucleoids: Polymer and H-NS protein synergetics.
Journal of Structural Biology 194, 129-137 (2016).

* T Yamamoto, H Schiessel,
Transcription driven phase separation in chromatin brush.
Langmuir 32, 3036-3044 (2016).

* J Zaanen,
Superconducting electrons go missing.
Nature 536, 282-283 (2016).

* J Zaanen,
Electrons go with the flow in exotic material systems.
Science 351, 1026-1027 (2016).

* RX Zhang, JA Hutasoit, Y Sun, BH Yan, CK Xu, CX Liu,
Topological nematic phase in Dirac semimetals.
Physical Review B 93, 041108 (2016).

* BC van Zuiden, J Paulose, WTM Irvine, D Bartolo, V Vitelli,
Spatiotemporal order and emergent edge currents in active spinner materials.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113, 12919-12924 (2016).

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