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Publications from the Instituut-Lorentz in the year 2019

* TMC Abbott, FB Abdalla, A Alarcon, S Allam, F Andrade-Oliveira, J Annis, S Avila, M Banerji, N Banik, K Bechtol, A Bernstein, GM Bernstein, E Bertin, D Brooks, E Buckley-Geer, DL Burke, H Camacho, AC Rosell, MC Kind, J Carretero, FJ Castander, R Cawthon, KC Chan, M Crocce, CE Cunha, CB D'Andrea, LN da Costa, C Davis, J De Vicente, L DePoy, S Desai, HT Diehl, P Doel, A Drlica-Wagner, TF Eifler, J Elvin-Poole, J Estrada, AE Evrard, B Flaugher, P Fosalba, J Frieman, J Garcia-Bellido, E Gaztanaga, DW Gerdes, T Giannantonio, D Gruen, RA Gruendl, J Gschwend, G Gutierrez, WG Hartley, D Hollowood, K Honscheid, B Hoyle, B Jain, DJ James, T Jeltema, MD Johnson, S Kent, N Kokron, E Krause, K Kuehn, S Kuhlmann, N Kuropatkin, F Lacasa, O Lahav, M Lima, H Lin, MAG Maia, M Manera, J Marriner, JL Marshall, P Martini, P Melchior, F Menanteau, CJ Miller, R Miquel, JJ Mohr, E Neilsen, WJ Percival, AA Plazas, A Porredon, AK Romer, A Roodman, R Rosenfeld, AJ Ross, E Rozo, ES Rykoff, M Sako, E Sanchez, B Santiago, V Scarpine, R Schindler, M Schubnell, S Serrano, I Sevilla-Noarbe, E Sheldon, RC Smith, M Smith, F Sobreira, E Suchyta, MEC Swanson, G Tarle, D Thomas, MA Troxel, DL Tucker, V Vikram, AR Walker, RH Wechsler, J Weller, B Yanny, Y Zhang,
Dark energy survey year 1 results: Measurement of the baryon acoustic oscillation scale in the distribution of galaxies to redshift 1.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 483, 4866-4883 (2019).

* F Acernese et al. (Virgo collaboration)
Increasing the astrophysical reach of the advanced Virgo detector via the application of squeezed vacuum states of light.
Physical Review Letters 123, 231108 (2019).

* A Achúcarro, S Cespedes, AC Davis, G Palma,
Constraints on holographic multifield inflation and models based on the Hamilton-Jacobi formalism.
Physical Review Letters 122, 191301 (2019).

* A Achúcarro, GA Palma,
The string swampland constraints require multi-field inflation.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 02, 041 (2019).

* A Achúcarro A Avgoustidis, A Láopez-Eiguren, CJAP Martins, J Urrestilla
Cosmological evolution of semilocal string networks.
Philosophical Transactions Royal Society London A 377, 0004 (2019).

* Y Akrami, R Kallosh, A Linde, V Vardanyan,
The landscape, the swampland and the era of precision cosmology.
Fortschritte der Physik-Progress of Physics 67, 1800075 (2019).

* A Almog, R Bird, D Garlaschelli,
Enhanced gravity model of trade: Reconciling macroeconomic and network models.
Frontiers in Physics 7, 55 (2019).

* A Almog, MR Buijink, O Roethler, S Michel, JH Meijer, JHT Rohling, D Garlaschelli,
Uncovering functional signature in neural systems via random matrix theory.
PLOS Computational Biology 15, e1006934 (2019).

* K Al Qasimi, B Nienhuis, JV Stokman,
Towers of solutions of qKZ equations and their applications to loop models.
Annales Henri Poincaré 20, 3743-3797 (2019).

* T Andrade, A Krikun,
Coherent vs incoherent transport in holographic strange insulators.
Journal of High Energy Physics 05, 119 (2019).

* T Andrade, A Krikun, A Romero-Bermudez,
Charge density response and fake plasmons in holographic models with strong translation symmetry breaking.
Journal of High Energy Physics 12, 159 (2019).

* P Baireuther, MD Caio, B Criger, CWJ Beenakker, TE O'Brien,
Neural network decoder for topological color codes with circuit level noise.
New Journal of Physics 21, 013003 (2019).

* N Banik, J Bovy,
Effects of baryonic and dark matter substructure on the Pal 5 stream.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 484, 2009-2020 (2019).

* N Banik, JC Tan, P Monaco,
The formation of supermassive black holes from population III.1 seeds. I. Cosmic formation histories and clustering properties.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 483, 3592-3606 (2019).

* CWJ Beenakker, P Baireuther, Y Herasymenko, I Adagideli, L Wang, AR Akhmerov,
Deterministic creation and braiding of chiral edge vortices.
Physical Review Letters 122, 146803 (2019).

* CWJ Beenakker, A Grabsch, Y Herasymenko,
Electrical detection of the Majorana fusion rule for chiral edge vortices in a topological superconductor.
Scipost Physics 6, 022 (2019).

* G Benevento, M Raveri, A Lazanu, N Bartolo, M Liguori, P Brax, P Valageas,
K-mouflage imprints on cosmological observables and data constraints.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 05, 027 (2019).

* R Blossey, H Schiessel,
Histone mark recognition controls nucleosome translocation via a kinetic proofreading mechanism: Confronting theory and high-throughput experiments.
Physical Review E 99, 060401 (2019).

* R Blossey, H Schiessel,
Chromatin remodelers as active Brownian dimers.
Journal of Physics A 52, 085601 (2019).

* HWJ Blöte, YJ Deng,
Revisiting the field-driven edge transition of the tricritical two-dimensional Blume-Capel model.
Physical Review E 99, 062133 (2019).

* K Bondarenko, A Boyarsky, M Ovchynnikov, O Ruchayskiy,
Sensitivity of the intensity frontier experiments for neutrino and scalar portals: Analytic estimates.
Journal of High Energy Physics 08, 061 (2019).

* K Bondarenko, A Boyarsky, M Ovchynnikov, O Ruchayskiy, L Shchutska,
Probing new physics with displaced vertices: Muon tracker at CMS.
Physical Review D 100, 075015 (2019).

* N Bovenzi, S Caprara, M Grilli, R Raimondi, N Scopigno, G Seibold,
Density inhomogeneities and Rasbha spin-orbit coupling interplay in oxide interfaces.
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 128, 118-129 (2019).

* A Boyarsky, M Drewes, T Lasserre, S Mertens, O Ruchayskiy,
Sterile neutrino dark matter.
Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 104, 1-45 (2019).

* A Boyarsky, D Iakubovskyi, O Ruchayskiy, A Rudakovskyi, W Valkenburg,
21-cm observations and warm dark matter models.
Physical Review D 100, 123005 (2019).

* W Buijsman, V Cheianov, V Gritsev,
Random matrix ensemble for the level statistics of many-body localization.
Physical Review Letters 122, 180601 (2019).

* W Buijsman, V Gritsev, V Cheianov,
Gumbel statistics for entanglement spectra of many-body localized eigenstates.
Physical Review B 100, 205110 (2019).

* YF Cai, C Chen, X Tong, DG Wang, SF Yan,
When primordial black holes from sound speed resonance meet a stochastic background of gravitational waves.
Physical Review D 100, 043518 (2019).

* MD Caio, G Möller, NR Cooper, MJ Bhaseen,
Topological marker currents in Chern insulators.
Nature Physics 15, 257-261 (2019).

* S Camera, M Martinelli, D Bertacca,
Does quartessence ease cosmic tensions.
Physics of the Dark Universe 23, 100247 (2019).

* A Carmi, Y Herasymenko, E Cohen, K Snizhko,
Bounds on nonlocal correlations in the presence of signaling and their application to topological zero modes.
New Journal of Physics 21, 073032 (2019).

* Y Cheipesh, AI Pavlov, V Scopelliti, J Tworzydlo, NV Gnezdilov,
Reentrant superconductivity in a quantum dot coupled to a Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev metal.
Physical Review B 100, 220506(R) (2019).

* SD Chen, M Hashimoto, Y He, D Song, KJ Xu, JF He, TP Devereaux, H Eisaki, DH Lu, J Zaanen, ZX Shen,
Incoherent strange metal sharply bounded by a critical doping in Bi2212.
Science 366, 1099-1099 (2019).

* P Christodoulidis, D Roest, EI Sfakianakis,
Scaling attractors in multi-field inflation.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 12, 059 (2019).

* P Christodoulidis, D Roest, EI Sfakianakis,
Angular inflation in multi-field alpha-attractors.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 11, 002 (2019).

* G Cimini, T Squartini, F Saracco, D Garlaschelli, A Gabrielli, G Caldarelli,
The statistical physics of real-world networks.
Nature Reviews Physics 1, 58-71 (2019).

* O Contigiani, H Hoekstra, YM Bahe,
Weak lensing constraints on splashback around massive clusters.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 485, 408-415 (2019).

* O Contigiani, V Vardanyan, A Silvestri,
Splashback radius in symmetron gravity.
Physical Review D 99, 064030 (2019).

* RA Davison, SA Gentle, B Gouteraux,
Impact of irrelevant deformations on thermodynamics and transport in holographic quantum critical states.
Physical Review D 100, 086020 (2019).

* RA Davison, SA Gentle, B Gouteraux,
Slow relaxation and diffusion in holographic quantum critical phases.
Physical Review Letters 123, 141601 (2019).

* Y Deng, Y Ouyang, HWJ Blöte,
Medium-range percolation in two dimensions.
Journal of Physics Conference Series 1163, 012001 (2019).

* C Duclut, N Sarkar, J Prost, F Jülicher,
Fluid pumping and active flexoelectricity can promote lumen nucleation in cell assemblies.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116, 19264-19273 (2019).

* S Eijima, M Shaposhnikov, I Timiryasov,
Parameter space of baryogenesis in the νMSM.
Journal of High Energy Physics 07, 077 (2019).

* J Espejo, S Peirone, M Raveri, K Koyama, L Pogosian, A Silvestri,
Phenomenology of large scale structure in scalar-tensor theories: Joint prior covariance of wDE, Σ, and μ in Horndeski theories.
Physical Review D 99, 023512 (2019).

* P Fonda, D Liska, A Veliz-Osorio,
Entanglement, anomalies, and Mathisson's helices.
Physical Review D 99, 046007 (2019).

* P Fonda, M Rinaldin, DJ Kraft, L Giomi,
Thermodynamic equilibrium of binary mixtures on curved surfaces.
Physical Review E 100, 032604 (2019).

* N Frusciante, G Papadomanolakis, S Peirone, A Silvestri,
The role of the tachyonic instability in Horndeski gravity.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 02, 029 (2019).

* N Frusciante, S Peirone, S Casas, NA Lima,
Cosmology of surviving Horndeski theory: The road ahead.
Physical Review D 99, 063538 (2019).

* T Fujita, EI Sfakianakis, M Shiraishi,
Tensor spectra templates for axion-gauge fields dynamics during inflation.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 05, 057 (2019).

* D Garlaschelli, F den Hollander, JM Meylahn, B Zeegers,
Synchronization of phase oscillators on the hierarchical lattice.
Journal of Statistical Physics 174, 188-218 (2019).

* A Garzilli, A Magalich, T Theuns, CS Frenk, C Weniger, O Ruchayskiy, A Boyarsky,
The Lyman-α forest as a diagnostic of the nature of the dark matter.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 489, 3456-3471 (2019).

* F Gerardi, M Martinelli, A Silvestri,
Reconstruction of the dark energy equation of state from latest data: The impact of theoretical priors.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 07, 042 (2019).

* N Gnezdilov, A Krikun, K Schalm, J Zaanen,
Isolated zeros in the spectral function as signature of a quantum continuum.
Physical Review B 99, 165149 (2019).

* NV Gnezdilov,
Gapless odd-frequency superconductivity induced by the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model.
Physical Review B 99, 024506 (2019).

* A Grabsch,
Distribution of the Wigner-Smith time-delay matrix for chaotic cavities with absorption and coupled Coulomb gases.
Journal of Physics A 53, 025202 (2019).

* A Grabsch, Y Cheipesh, CWJ Beenakker,
Pfaffian formula for fermion parity fluctuations in a superconductor and application to Majorana fusion detection.
Annalen der Physik 531, 1900129 (2019).

* S Grozdanov, N Poovuttikul,
Generalised global symmetries in holography: Magnetohydrodynamic waves in a strongly interacting plasma.
Journal of High Energy Physics 04, 141 (2019).

* S Grozdanov, K Schalm, V Scopelliti,
Kinetic theory for classical and quantum many-body chaos.
Physical Review E 99, 012206 (2019).

* D Harvey, A Robertson, R Massey, IG McCarthy,
Observable tests of self-interacting dark matter in galaxy clusters: BCG wobbles in a constant density core.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 488, 1572-1579 (2019).

* J Hermenau, S Brinker, M Marciani, M Steinbrecher, MD Dias, R Wiesendanger, S Lounis, J Wiebe,
Stabilizing spin systems via symmetrically tailored RKKY interactions.
Nature Communications 10, 2565 (2019).

* YP Hu, Y Tian, XN Wu, HF Li, HS Zhang,
Sonic velocity in holographic fluids and its applications.
Chinese Physics C 43, 013107 (2019).

* O Iarygina, EI Sfakianakis, DG Wang, A Achúcarro,
Universality and scaling in multi-field α-attractor preheating.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 06, 027 (2019).

* LM Lemma, SJ DeCamp, ZH You, L Giomi, Z Dogic,
Statistical properties of autonomous flows in 2D active nematics.
Soft Matter 15, 3264-3272 (2019).

* G Lemut, MJ Pacholski, I Adagideli, CWJ Beenakker,
Effect of charge renormalization on the electric and thermoelectric transport along the vortex lattice of a Weyl superconductor.
Physical Review B 100, 035417 (2019).

* M Martinelli, NB Hogg, S Peirone, M Bruni, D Wands,
Constraints on the interacting vacuum-geodesic CDM scenario.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 488, 3423-3438 (2019).

* M Martinelli, I Tutusaus,
CMB tensions with low-redshift H0 and S8 measurements: Impact of a redshift-dependent type-Ia supernovae intrinsic luminosity.
Symmetry 11, 986 (2019).

* A Monin, A Boyarsky, O Ruchayskiy,
Hadronic decays of a light Higgs-like scalar.
Physical Review D 99, 015019 (2019).

* A Morozov, W van Saarloos,
Subcritical instabilities in plane Poiseuille flow of an Oldroyd-B fluid.
Journal of Statistical Physics 175, 554-577 (2019).

* R Nguyen, J van de Vis, EI Sfakianakis, JT Giblin, DI Kaiser,
Nonlinear dynamics of preheating after multifield inflation with nonminimal couplings.
Physical Review Letters 123, 171301 (2019).

* TE O'Brien, B Tarasinski, BM Terhal,
Quantum phase estimation of multiple eigenvalues for small-scale (noisy) experiments.
New Journal of Physics 21, 023022 (2019).

* TE O'Brien, B Senjean, R Sagastizabal, X Bonet-Monroig, A Dutkiewicz, F Buda, L DiCarlo, L Visscher,
Calculating energy derivatives for quantum chemistry on a quantum computer.
NPJ Quantum Information 5, 113 (2019).

* AV Onufriev, H Schiessel,
The nucleosome: From structure to function through physics.
Current Opinion in Structural Biology 56, 119-130 (2019).

* DJG Pearce, PW Ellis, A Fernandez-Nieves, L Giomi,
Geometrical control of active turbulence in curved topographies.
Physical Review Letters 122, 168002 (2019).

* S Peirone, G Benevento, N Frusciante, S Tsujikawa,
Cosmological constraints and phenomenology of a beyond-Horndeski model.
Physical Review D 100, 063509 (2019).

* S Peirone, G Benevento, N Frusciante, S Tsujikawa,
Cosmological data favor Galileon ghost condensate over Λ CDM.
Physical Review D 100, 063540 (2019).

* K Prokes, T Forster, YK Huang, JA Mydosh,
Field-induced phases in a heavy-fermion U(Ru0.92Rh0.08)2Si2 single crystal.
Physical Review B 99, 045104 (2019).

* M Rinaldin, RW Verweij, I Chakraborty, DJ Kraft,
Colloid supported lipid bilayers for self-assembly.
Soft Matter 15, 1345-1360 (2019).

* A Robertson, D Harvey, R Massey, V Eke, IG McCarthy, M Jauzac, BJ Li, J Schaye,
Observable tests of self-interacting dark matter in galaxy clusters: Cosmological simulations with SIDM and baryons.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 488, 3646-3662 (2019).

* A Roccaverde,
Is breaking of ensemble equivalence monotone in the number of constraints.
Indagationes Mathematicae 30, 7-25 (2019).

* A Romero-Bermúdez,
Density response of holographic metallic IR fixed points with translational pseudo-spontaneous symmetry breaking.
Journal of High Energy Physics 07, 153 (2019).

* A Romero-Bermúdez, A Krikun, K Schalm, J Zaanen,
Anomalous attenuation of plasmons in strange metals and holography.
Physical Review B 99, 235149 (2019).

* A Romero-Bermúdez, K Schalm, V Scopelliti,
Regularization dependence of the OTOC. Which Lyapunov spectrum is the physical one.
Journal of High Energy Physics 07, 107 (2019).

* R Sagastizabal, X Bonet-Monroig, M Singh, MA Rol, CC Bultink, X Fu, CH Price, VP Ostroukh, N Muthusubramanian, A Bruno, M Beekman, N Haider, TE O'Brien, L DiCarlo,
Experimental error mitigation via symmetry verification in a variational quantum eigensolver.
Physical Review A 100, 010302(R) (2019).

* H Schiessel,
How to read and write mechanical information in DNA molecules.
Biophysical Journal 116, 171A (2019).

* B Senjean,
Projected site-occupation embedding theory.
Physical Review B 100, 035136 (2019).

* EI Sfakianakis, J van de Vis,
Preheating after Higgs inflation: Self-resonance and gauge boson production.
Physical Review D 99, 083519 (2019).

* AR Solomon, V Vardanyan, Y Akrami,
Massive mimetic cosmology.
Physics Letters B 794, 135-142 (2019).

* M Steudtner, S Wehner,
Quantum codes for quantum simulation of fermions on a square lattice of qubits.
Physical Review A 99, 022308 (2019).

* JW van Holten,
Gravitational waves from generalized Newtonian sources.
Fortschritte der Physik 67, 1800083 (2019).

* T Yamamoto, T Sakaue, H Schiessel,
Loop extrusion drives very different dynamics for Rouse chains in bulk solutions and at interfaces.
EPL 127, 38002 (2019).

* T Yamamoto, H Schiessel,
Dilution of contact frequency between superenhancers by loop extrusion at interfaces.
Soft Matter 15, 7635-7643 (2019).

* ZH You, DJG Pearce, A Sengupta, L Giomi,
Mono- to multilayer transition in growing bacterial colonies.
Physical Review Letters 123, 178001 (2019).

* J Zaanen,
Planckian dissipation, minimal viscosity and the transport in cuprate strange metals.
Scipost Physics 6, 061 (2019).

* A Zucca, L Pogosian, A Silvestri, GB Zhao,
MGCAMB with massive neutrinos and dynamical dark energy.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 05, 001 (2019).

* M Zuiddam, H Schiessel,
Shortest paths through synonymous genomes.
Physical Review E 99, 012422 (2019).

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