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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 2018

17 Jan

Dirk Morr (Chicago)

The ubiquity of topology: of superconductors and heavy fermions

7 Feb

Ed Copeland (Nottingham)

Attempts to explain our accelerating universe - from dark energy to modified gravity and from cosmological to atomic scales

18 Apr

Stefan Maier (Imperial College, London)

Plasmonic and dielectric nanocavities for enhancing light/matter interactions and nanolocalized chemistry

16 May

Tom Lubensky (Lorentz Professor)

Metamaterials and topological mechanics

13 Jun

Hong Liu (MIT)

The reasonable and unreasonable effectiveness of hydrodynamics in exotic quantum matter

26 Sep

Sean Carroll (Caltech)

Extracting the Universe from the wave function

17 Oct

Itamar Procaccia (Weizmann)

Catastrophic failure of amorphous solids

14 Nov

Marc Mézard (ENS Paris)

Statistical inference and statistical physics

21 Nov

Juan Maldacena (Princeton)

Wormholes and entangled states

12 Dec

Paul Ginsparg (Cornell)

At a Physics/Infosci intersection

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