Schedule of the Spring 2007 working group Field Theory.

Tue 30-011 - 21HL204
Wed 07-023 - 42,3,7HL204
Wed 14-025 - 6 (till p.22)4,5,6HL207
Wed 21-026 (rest)10,11HL207
Wed 07-037 - 813,14,15HL207
Wed 14-039 - 1016,17HL207
Wed 21-0311 - 1218,20,21HL207
Wed 28-0313 - 1419,22,23HL207
Wed 04-041524,25,26HL207
Wed 18-0416-178,9,12HL204
Wed 25-041827,28,29HL207
Wed 09-0519 - 2030,31,32HL207
Tue 15-052133,34,36HL207
Wed 23-052235,37,40HL207
Wed 30-05--38,39HL207

We meet Wednesdays 14h-17h (HL207 [if not available, HL204]), except for 30-01 and 15-05, which is on Tuesday. In the week before a class, start with making the exercises assigned for that class and finish (if possible handing them in for grading) with the exercises discussed the preceding class. I encourage students to work together on the problems. Aron Beekman is there for questions concerning the problems and he will correct the exercises.

Four students, out of seven, have finished the course and were extremely enthousiastic. These four are Jasper Lukkezen, Louk Rademaker, Jorrit Rijnbeek and Jörn Venderbos. See Bollebozen (Mare, 7 juni 2007, in Dutch).