initiated by Paul Ehrenfest in 1912
currently organized by Ana Achúcarro & Luca Giomi (read about its history)

Dinner participants: 38


Gregory Dvali

Lorentz Professor, NYU and LMU Munich

March 04

7:30 p.m.


Universality of Laws of Information and Unitarity

We discuss how the diverse systems such as solitons, baryons and instantons on one hand and black holes and cosmological universes on the other store and process the quantum information in ways that are strikingly similar. This similarity reveals a deep underlying connection between unitarity and entropy. Among other things, this sheds a very different light at the microscopic structure of non-perturbative objects in quantum field theory and gravity. We discuss some observational consequences for particle physics and cosmology.

The Colloquium Ehrenfestii takes place Wednesday evenings starting at 19:30 hours in the main auditorium of the Oort building. Before the Colloquium, there is a common dinner in the canteen located on the ground floor of the Oort building. This dinner starts at 18:00 hours sharp and is free of charge, under the condition that one attends the colloquium and that one has made a reservation before noon on the Tuesday preceding the colloquium.

Meal registrations may close earlier, when 80 persons have signed up.

Colloquium Ehrenfestii Program 2020

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Gregory Dvali (Lorentz Professor, NYU and LMU Munich)

Universality of Laws of Information and Unitarity

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