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Publications from the Instituut-Lorentz in the year 2013

* A Achúcarro, JO Gong, GA Palma, SP Patil,
Correlating features in the primordial spectra.
Physical Review D 87, 121301 (2013).

* A Achúcarro, S Hardeman, JM Oberreuter, K Schalm, T van der Aalst,
Decoupling limits in multi-sector supergravities.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 03, 038 (2013).

* VS Alves, WS Elias, LO Nascimento, V Juricic, F Pena,
Chiral symmetry breaking in the pseudo-quantum electrodynamics.
Physical Review D 87, 125002 (2013).

* L Amendola, OE Bjaelde, W Valkenburg, YYY Wong,
How real-time cosmology can distinguish between different anisotropic models.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 12, 042 (2013).

* A Amir, JJ Krich, V Vitelli, Y Oreg, Y Imry,
Emergent percolation length and localization in random elastic networks.
Physical Review X 3, 021017 (2013).

* I Aref'eva, A Bagrov, AS Koshelev,
Holographic thermalization from Kerr-AdS.
Journal of High Energy Physics 7, 170 (2013).

* AJ Beekman, K Wu, V Cvetkovic, J Zaanen,
Deconfining the rotational Goldstone mode: The superconducting quantum liquid crystal in (2+1) dimensions.
Physical Review B 88, 024121 (2013).

* CWJ Beenakker, DI Pikulin, T Hyart, H Schomerus, JP Dahlhaus,
Fermion-parity anomaly of the critical supercurrent in the quantum spin-Hall effect.
Physical Review Letters 110, 017003 (2013).

* CWJ Beenakker,
Search for Majorana fermions in superconductors.
Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics 4, 113-136 (2013).

* CWJ Beenakker, JM Edge, JP Dahlhaus, DI Pikulin, S Mi, M Wimmer,
Wigner-Poisson statistics of topological transitions in a Josephson junction.
Physical Review Letters 111, 037001 (2013).

* TH Beuman, AM Turner, V Vitelli,
Extrema statistics in the dynamics of a non-Gaussian random field.
Physical Review E 87, 022142 (2013).

* TH Beuman, AM Turner, V Vitelli,
Critical and umbilical points of a non-Gaussian random field.
Physical Review E 88, 012115 (2013).

* S Bottini, A Bernini, M De Chiara, D Garlaschelli, O Spiga, M Dioguardi, E Vannuccini, A Tramontano, N Niccolai,
ProCoCoA: A quantitative approach for analyzing protein core composition.
Computational Biology and Chemistry 43, 29-34 (2013).

* A Boyarsky, D Malyshev, O Ruchayskiy,
Spectral and spatial variations of the diffuse gamma-ray background in the vicinity of the Galactic plane and possible nature of the feature at 130 GeV.
Physics of the Dark Universe 2, 90-96 (2013).

* M Burrello, B van Heck, AR Akhmerov,
Braiding of non-Abelian anyons using pairwise interactions.
Physical Review A 87, 022343 (2013).

* M Burrello, IC Fulga, E Alba, L Lepori, A Trombettoni,
Topological phase transitions driven by non-Abelian gauge potentials in optical square lattices.
Physical Review A 88, 053619 (2013).

* M Burrello, B van Heck, E Cobanera,
Topological phases in two-dimensional arrays of parafermionic zero modes.
Physical Review B 87, 195422 (2013).

* BGG Chen, PJ Ackerman, GP Alexander, RD Kamien, II Smalyukh,
Generating the Hopf fibration experimentally in nematic liquid crystals.
Physical Review Letters 110, 237801 (2013).

* E Cobanera, G Ortiz, Z Nussinov,
Holographic symmetries and generalized order parameters for topological matter.
Physical Review B 87, 041105 (2013).

* RA Davison, A Parnachev,
Hydrodynamics of cold holographic matter.
Journal of High Energy Physics 6, 100 (2013).

* RA Davison,
Momentum relaxation in holographic massive gravity.
Physical Review D 88, 086003 (2013).

* M Diez, IC Fulga, DI Pikulin, M Wimmer, AR Akhmerov, CWJ Beenakker,
Phase-locked magnetoconductance oscillations as a probe of Majorana edge states.
Physical Review B 87, 125406 (2013).

* RPC Driessen, H Meng, G Suresh, R Shahapure, G Lanzani, UD Priyakumar, MF White, H Schiessel, J van Noort, RT Dame,
Crenarchaeal chromatin proteins Cren7 and Sul7 compact DNA by inducing rigid bends.
Nucleic Acids Research 41, 196-205 (2013).

* JM Edge, J Li, P Delplace, M Büttiker,
Z2 peak of noise correlations in a quantum spin Hall insulator.
Physical Review Letters 110, 246601 (2013).

* M Emanuel, G Lanzani, H Schiessel,
Multiplectoneme phase of double-stranded DNA under torsion.
Physical Review E 88, 022706 (2013).

* G Fagiolo, T Squartini, D Garlaschelli,
Null models of economic networks: The case of the world trade web.
Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination 8, 75-107 (2013).

* A Fathizadeh, M Heidari, B Eslami-Mossallam, MR Ejtehadi,
Confinement dynamics of a semiflexible chain inside nano-spheres.
Journal of Chemical Physics 139, 044912 (2013).

* A Fathizadeh, AB Besya, MR Ejtehadi, H Schiessel,
Rigid-body molecular dynamics of DNA inside a nucleosome.
European Physical Journal E 36, 21 (2013).

* Z Fu, WA Guo, HWJ Blöte,
Ising-like transitions in the O(n) loop model on the square lattice.
Physical Review E 87, 052116 (2013).

* IC Fulga, A Haim, AR Akhmerov, Y Oreg,
Adaptive tuning of Majorana fermions in a quantum dot chain.
New Journal of Physics 15, 045020 (2013).

* IC Fulga, B van Heck, M Burrello, T Hyart,
Effects of disorder on Coulomb-assisted braiding of Majorana zero modes.
Physical Review B 88, 155435 (2013).

* D Garlaschelli, SE Ahnert, TMA Fink, G Caldarelli,
Optimal scales in weighted networks.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8238, 346-359 (2013).

* D Garlaschelli, SE Ahnert, TMA Fink, G Caldarelli,
Low-temperature behaviour of social and economic networks.
Entropy 15, 3148-3169 (2013).

* M Goykhman, A Parnachev,
S-parameter, technimesons, and phase transitions in holographic tachyon DBI models.
Physical Review D 87, 026007 (2013).

* M Goykhman, A Parnachev,
Stringy holography at finite density.
Nuclear Physics B 874, 115-146 (2013).

* M Goykhman, E Ivanov, S Sidorov,
Super Landau models on odd cosets.
Physical Review D 87, 025026 (2013).

* T Grass, B Julia-Diaz, M Burrello, M Lewenstein,
Fractional quantum Hall states of a Bose gas with a spin-orbit coupling.
Journal of Physics B-Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics 46, 134006 (2013).

* T Hyart, B van Heck, IC Fulga, M Burrello, AR Akhmerov, CWJ Beenakker,
Flux-controlled quantum computation with Majorana fermions.
Physical Review B 88, 035121 (2013).

* A Janot, T Hyart, PR Eastham, B Rosenow,
Superfluid stiffness of a driven dissipative condensate with disorder.
Physical Review Letters 111, 230403 (2013).

* R Keesman, GT Barkema, D Panja,
Dynamical eigenmodes of a polymerized membrane.
Journal of Statistical Mechanics-Theory and Experiment P04009 (2013).

* R Keesman, GT Barkema, D Panja,
Dynamical eigenmodes of star and tadpole polymers.
Journal of Statistical Mechanics-Theory and Experiment P02021 (2013).

* F Kirtschig, J Rijnbeek, J van den Brink, C Ortix,
Quantum collapses and revivals of matter wave in dynamics of symmetry breaking.
Physical Review B 87, 014304 (2013).

* V Koning, T Lopez-Leon, A Fernandez-Nieves, V Vitelli,
Bivalent defect configurations in inhomogeneous nematic shells.
Soft Matter 9, 4993-5003 (2013).

* KL Kounovsky-Shafer, JP Hernandez-Ortiz, K Jo, T Odijk, JJ de Pablo, DC Schwartz,
Presentation of large DNA molecules for analysis as nanoconfined dumbbells.
Macromolecules 46, 8356-8368 (2013).

* Y Liu, K Schalm, YW Sun, J Zaanen,
Bose-Fermi competition in holographic metals.
Journal of High Energy Physics 10, 064 (2013).

* AV Maccio, O Ruchayskiy, A Boyarsky, JC Munoz-Cuartas,
The inner structure of haloes in cold+warm dark matter models.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 428, 882-890 (2013).

* V Marra, L Amendola, I Sawicki, W Valkenburg,
Cosmic variance and the measurement of the local Hubble parameter.
Physical Review Letters 110, (2013).

* V Marra, M Paakkonen, W Valkenburg,
Uncertainty on w from large-scale structure.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 431, 1891-1902 (2013).

* MV Medvedyeva, YM Blanter,
Eigenfrequencies of the randomly pinned drum and conductivity of graphene.
Physical Review B 88, 125423 (2013).

* MV Medvedyeva, E Gubankova, M Cubrovic, K Schalm, J Zaanen,
Quantum corrected phase diagram of holographic fermions.
Journal of High Energy Physics 12, 25 (2013).

* A Mesaros, RJ Slager, J Zaanen, V Juricic,
Zero-energy states bound to a magnetic pi-flux vortex in a two-dimensional topological insulator.
Nuclear Physics B 867, 977-991 (2013).

* S Mi, DI Pikulin, M Wimmer, CWJ Beenakker,
Proposal for the detection and braiding of Majorana fermions in a quantum spin Hall insulator.
Physical Review B 87, 241405 (2013).

* E Pairam, J Vallamkondu, V Koning, BC van Zuiden, PW Ellis, MA Bates, V Vitelli, A Fernandez-Nieves,
Stable nematic droplets with handles.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110, 9295-9300 (2013).

* D Panja, GT Barkema, AB Kolomeisky,
Through the eye of the needle: Recent advances in understanding biopolymer translocation.
Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 25, 413101 (2013).

* DI Pikulin, YV Nazarov,
Two types of topological transitions in finite Majorana wires.
Physical Review B 87, 235421 (2013).

* R Prokofyev, G Demartini, A Boyarsky, O Ruchayskiy, P Cudré-Mauroux,
Ontology-based word sense disambiguation for scientific literature.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7814, 594-605 (2013).

* L Rademaker, J van den Brink, H Hilgenkamp, J Zaanen,
Enhancement of spin propagation due to interlayer exciton condensation.
Physical Review B 88, 121101 (2013).

* L Rademaker, Y Pramudya, J Zaanen, V Dobrosavljevic,
Influence of long-range interactions on charge ordering phenomena on a square lattice.
Physical Review E 88, 032121 (2013).

* L Rademaker, S. Johnston, J. Zaanen, J. van den Brink,
Determinant quantum Monte Carlo study of exciton condensation in the bilayer Hubbard model,
Physical Review B 88, 235115 (2013).

* L Rademaker, J. van den Brink, J. Zaanen, H. Hilgenkamp,
Exciton condensation in strongly correlated electron bilayers.
Physical Review B 88, 235115 (2013).

* AE Roth, BG Chen, DJ Durian,
Structure and coarsening at the surface of a dry three-dimensional aqueous foam.
Physical Review E 88, 062302 (2013).

* B Roy, V Juricic, IF Herbut,
Quantum superconducting criticality in graphene and topological insulators.
Physical Review B 87, 041401 (2013).

* I Sawicki, V Marra, W Valkenburg,
Seeding supermassive black holes with a nonvortical dark-matter subcomponent.
Physical Review D 88, 083520 (2013).

* K Schalm, G Shiu, T van der Aalst,
Consistency condition for inflation from (broken) conformal symmetry.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 03, 005 (2013).

* RD Schram, GT Barkema, H Schiessel,
On the stability of fractal globules.
Journal of Chemical Physics 138, 224901 (2013).

* RD Schram,
Reaction-diffusion model Monte Carlo simulations on the GPU.
Journal of Computational Physics 241, 95-103 (2013).

* RD Schram, GT Barkema, RH Bisseling,
Sawdoubler: A program for counting self-avoiding walks.
Computer Physics Communications 184, 891-898 (2013).

* RD Schram, GT Barkema,
Universality of the triplet contact process with diffusion.
Journal of Statistical Mechanics-Theory and Experiment P04020 (2013).

* RD Schram, H Schiessel,
Exact enumeration of Hamiltonian walks on the 4 x 4 x 4 cube and applications to protein folding.
Journal of Physics A 46, 485001 (2013).

* JH She, J Zaanen,
Superconductivity and fermionic quantum criticality.
Physica C-Superconductivity and its Applications 493, 34-35 (2013).

* RJ Slager, A Mesaros, V Juricic, J Zaanen,
The space group classification of topological band-insulators.
Nature Physics 9, 98-102 (2013).

* C Song, T Rohmer, M Tiersch, J Zaanen, J Hughes, J Matysik,
Solid-state NMR spectroscopy to probe photoactivation in canonical phytochromes.
Photochemistry and Photobiology 89, 259-273 (2013).

* T Squartini, I van Lelyveld, D Garlaschelli,
Early-warning signals of topological collapse in interbank networks.
Scientific Reports 3, 3357 (2013).

* T Squartini, F Picciolo, F Ruzzenenti, D Garlaschelli,
Reciprocity of weighted networks.
Scientific Reports 3, 2729 (2013).

* P Strack, V Vitelli,
Soft quantum vibrations of a PT-symmetric nonlinear ion chain.
Physical Review A 88, 053408 (2013).

* B Tarasinski, G Schwiete,
Fluctuation conductivity of disordered superconductors in magnetic fields.
Physical Review B 88, 014518 (2013).

* AM Tichler, LR Gomez, N Upadhyaya, X Campman, VF Nesterenko, V Vitelli,
Transmission and reflection of strongly nonlinear solitary waves at granular interfaces.
Physical Review Letters 111, 048001 (2013).

* N Upadhyaya, AM Turner, V Vitelli,
Solitons and thermal fluctuations in strongly nonlinear solids.
Physical Review E 88, 052906 (2013).

* S Ulrich, N Upadhyaya, B van Opheusden, V Vitelli,
Shear shocks in fragile networks.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110, 20929-20934 (2013).

* JD Urbina, M Wimmer, D Bauernfeind, D Espitia, I Adagideli, K Richter,
Universal spatial correlations in random spinor fields.
Physical Review E 87, (2013).

* W Valkenburg, M Kunz, V Marra,
Intrinsic uncertainty on the nature of dark energy.
Physics of the Dark Universe 2, 219-223 (2013).

* B van Heck, M Burrello, A Yacoby, AR Akhmerov,
Topological blockade and measurement of topological charge.
Physical Review Letters 110, 086803 (2013).

* JW van Holten,
Single scalar cosmology.
International Journal of Modern Physics A 28, 1350132 (2013).

* B van Opheusden, F Redig, H Schiessel,
A Markov model for the dynamics of the nucleosome.
Journal of Physics A 46, 095005 (2013).

* SR Waitukaitis, LK Roth, V Vitelli, HM Jaeger,
Dynamic jamming fronts.
EPL 102, 44001 (2013).

* JC Walter, M Baiesi, GT Barkema, E Carlon,
Unwinding relaxation dynamics of polymers.
Physical Review Letters 110, 068301 (2013).

* J Zaanen,
High-temperature superconductivity: The sound of a hidden order.
Nature 498, 41-42 (2013).

* J Zaanen,
Holographic duality stealing dimensions from metals.
Nature Physics 9, 609-610 (2013).

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