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Publications from the Instituut-Lorentz in the year 2014

* A Achúcarro, A Avgoustidis, AMM Leite, A Lopez-Eiguren, CJAP Martins, AS Nunes, J Urrestilla,
Evolution of semilocal string networks: Large-scale properties.
Physical Review D 89, 063503 (2014).

* A Achúcarro, V Atal, B Hu, P Ortiz, J Torrado,
Inflation with moderately sharp features in the speed of sound: Generalized slow roll and in-in formalism for power spectrum and bispectrum.
Physical Review D 90, 023511 (2014).

* A Achúcarro, V Atal, P Ortiz, J Torrado,
Localized correlated features in the CMB power spectrum and primordial bispectrum from a transient reduction in the speed of sound.
Physical Review D 89, 103006 (2014).

* I Adagideli, M Wimmer, A Teker,
Effects of electron scattering on the topological properties of nanowires: Majorana fermions from disorder and superlattices.
Physical Review B 89, 144506 (2014).

* A Almog, D Garlaschelli,
Binary versus non-binary information in real time series: Empirical results and maximum-entropy matrix models.
New Journal of Physics 16, 093015 (2014).

* JK Asboth, B Tarasinski, P Delplace,
Chiral symmetry and bulk-boundary correspondence in periodically driven one-dimensional systems.
Physical Review B 90, 125143 (2014).

* A Bagrov, B Meszena, K Schalm,
Pairing induced superconductivity in holography.
Journal of High Energy Physics 09, 106 (2014).

* P Baireuther, PP Orth, I Vekhter, J Schmalian,
Manipulation of a two-photon pump in superconductor-semiconductor heterostructures.
Physical Review Letters 112, 077003 (2014).

* P Baireuther, JM Edge, IC Fulga, CWJ Beenakker, J Tworzydlo,
Quantum phase transitions of a disordered antiferromagnetic topological insulator.
Physical Review B 89, 035410 (2014).

* GT Barkema, PL Ferrari, JL Lebowitz, H Spohn,
Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality class and the anchored Toom interface.
Physical Review E 90, 042116 (2014).

* GT Barkema, D Panja, JMJ van Leeuwen,
Semiflexible polymer dynamics with a bead-spring model.
Journal of Statistical Mechanics-Theory and Experiment P11008 (2014).

* CWJ Beenakker,
Annihilation of colliding Bogoliubov quasiparticles reveals their Majorana nature.
Physical Review Letters 112, 070604 (2014).

* TH Beuman, AM Turner, V Vitelli,
Geometrical detection of weak non-Gaussianity upon coarse-graining.
Journal of Statistical Physics 157, 571-581 (2014).

* A Boyarsky, O Ruchayskiy, D Iakubovskyi, J Franse,
An unidentified line in X-ray spectra of the Andromeda galaxy and Perseus galaxy cluster.
Physical Review Letters 113, 251301 (2014).

* N Callebaut, B Craps, F Galli, DC Thompson, J Vanhoof, J Zaanen, HB Zhang,
Holographic quenches and fermionic spectral functions.
Journal of High Energy Physics 10, 172 (2014).

* M Cariglia, GW Gibbons, JW van Holten, PA Horvathy, P Kosinski, PM Zhang,
Killing tensors and canonical geometry.
Classical and Quantum Gravity 31, 125001 (2014).

* M Cariglia, GW Gibbons, JW van Holten, PA Horvathy, PM Zhang,
Conformal killing tensors and covariant Hamiltonian dynamics.
Journal of Mathematical Physics 55, 122702 (2014).

* BGG Chen, N Upadhyaya, V Vitelli,
Nonlinear conduction via solitons in a topological mechanical insulator.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111, 13004-13009 (2014).

* E Cobanera, G Ortiz,
Fock parafermions and self-dual representations of the braid group.
Physical Review A 89, 012328 (2014).

* RA Davison, K Schalm, J Zaanen,
Holographic duality and the resistivity of strange metals.
Physical Review B 89, 245116 (2014).

* RA Davison, M Goykhman, A Parnachev,
AdS/CFT and Landau Fermi liquids.
Journal of High Energy Physics 07, 109 (2014).

* J de Lisle, S De, E Alba, A Bullivant, JJ Garcia-Ripoll, V Lahtinen, JK Pachos,
Detection of Chern numbers and entanglement in topological two-species systems through subsystem winding numbers.
New Journal of Physics 16, 083022 (2014).

* M Diez, IC Fulga, DI Pikulin, J Tworzydlo, CWJ Beenakker,
Bimodal conductance distribution of Kitaev edge modes in topological superconductors.
New Journal of Physics 16, 063049 (2014).

* M Diez, JP Dahlhaus, M Wimmer, CWJ Beenakker,
Emergence of massless Dirac fermions in graphene’s Hofstadter butterfly at switches of the quantum Hall phase connectivity.
Physical Review Letters 112, 196602 (2014).

* J Dossett, B Hu, D Parkinson,
Constraining models of f(R) gravity with Planck and WiggleZ power spectrum data.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 3, 046 (2014).

* D Forcella, J Zaanen, D Valentinis, D van der Marel,
Electromagnetic properties of viscous charged fluids.
Physical Review B 90, 035143 (2014).

* IC Fulga, B van Heck, JM Edge, AR Akhmerov,
Statistical topological insulators.
Physical Review B 89, 155424 (2014).

* L Giomi, MJ Bowick, P Mishra, R Sknepnek, MC Marchetti,
Defect dynamics in active nematics.
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 372, 20130365 (2014).

* JO Gong, K Schalm, G Shiu,
Correlating correlation functions of primordial perturbations.
Physical Review D 89, 063540 (2014).

* CP Goodrich, S Dagois-Bohy, BP Tighe, M van Hecke, AJ Liu, SR Nagel,
Jamming in finite systems: Stability, anisotropy, fluctuations, and scaling.
Physical Review E 90, 022138 (2014).

* CW Groth, M Wimmer, AR Akhmerov, X Waintal,
Kwant: A software package for quantum transport.
New Journal of Physics 16, 063065 (2014).

* B Hu, M Raveri, N Frusciante, A Silvestri,
Effective field theory of cosmic acceleration: An implementation in CAMB.
Physical Review D 89, 103530 (2014).

* B Hu, JW Hu, ZK Guo, RG Cai,
Reconstruction of the primordial power spectra with planck and BICEP2 data.
Physical Review D 90, 023544 (2014).

* H Hu, HWJ Blöte, RM Ziff, YJ Deng,
Short-range correlations in percolation at criticality.
Physical Review E 90, 042106 (2014).

* JW Hu, RG Cai, ZK Guo, B Hu,
Cosmological parameter estimation from CMB and X-ray cluster after Planck.
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 05, 20 (2014).

* C Hübner, B Baxevanis, AA Khajetoorians, D Pfannkuche,
Symmetry effects on the spin switching of adatoms.
Physical Review B 90, 155134 (2014).

* T Hyart, AR Wright, B Rosenow,
Zeeman-field-induced topological phase transitions in triplet superconductors.
Physical Review B 90, 064507 (2014).

* EB Kandemir, B Gonul, GT Barkema, KM Yu, W Walukiewicz, LW Wang,
Modeling of the atomic structure and electronic properties of amorphous GaN1-xAsx.
Computational Materials Science 82, 100-106 (2014).

* FC Keber, E Loiseau, T Sanchez, SJ DeCamp, L Giomi, MJ Bowick, MC Marchetti, Z Dogic, AR Bausch,
Topology and dynamics of active nematic vesicles.
Science 345, 1135-1139 (2014).

* V Koning, BC van Zuiden, RD Kamien, V Vitelli,
Saddle-splay screening and chiral symmetry breaking in toroidal nematics.
Soft Matter 10, 4192-4198 (2014).

* M Kulaxizi, A Parnachev, G Policastro,
Conformal blocks and negativity at large central charge.
Journal of High Energy Physics 09, 010 (2014).

* V Lahtinen, T Månsson, E Ardonne,
Hierarchy of exactly solvable spin-1/2 chains with so(N)1 critical points.
Physical Review B 89, 014409 (2014).

* V Lahtinen, AWW Ludwig, S Trebst,
Perturbed vortex lattices and the stability of nucleated topological phases.
Physical Review B 89, 085121 (2014).

* MX Li, V Palchykov, ZQ Jiang, K Kaski, J Kertesz, S Micciche, M Tumminello, WX Zhou, RN Mantegna,
Statistically validated mobile communication networks: The evolution of motifs in European and Chinese data.
New Journal of Physics 16, 083038 (2014).

* Y Liu, K Schalm, YW Sun, J Zaanen,
BCS instabilities of electron stars to holographic superconductors.
Journal of High Energy Physics 05, 122 (2014).

* A Lucas, S Sachdev, K Schalm,
Scale-invariant hyperscaling-violating holographic theories and the resistivity of strange metals with random-field disorder.
Physical Review D 89, 066018 (2014).

* M Marciani, PW Brouwer, CWJ Beenakker,
Time-delay matrix, midgap spectral peak, and thermopower of an Andreev billiard.
Physical Review B 90, 045403 (2014).

* R Mastrandrea, T Squartini, G Fagiolo, D Garlaschelli,
Enhanced reconstruction of weighted networks from strengths and degrees.
New Journal of Physics 16, 043022 (2014).

* R Mastrandrea, T Squartini, G Fagiolo, D Garlaschelli,
Reconstructing the world trade multiplex: The role of intensive and extensive biases.
Physical Review E 90, 062804 (2014).

* S Mi, DI Pikulin, M Marciani, CWJ Beenakker,
X-shaped and Y-shaped andreev resonance profiles in a superconducting quantum dot.
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 119, 1018-1027 (2014).

* A Milsted, E Cobanera, M Burrello, G Ortiz,
Commensurate and incommensurate states of topological quantum matter.
Physical Review B 90, 195101 (2014).

* D Munshi, B Hu, A Renzi, A Heavens, P Coles,
Probing modified gravity theories with ISW and CMB lensing.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 442, 821-837 (2014).

* B Najian,
AdS/BCFT correspondence, holographic g-theorem and Gauss Bonnet gravity.
International Journal of Modern Physics A 29, 1450139 (2014).

* A Neronov, A Boyarsky, D Iakubovskyi, O Ruchayskiy,
Potential of the Large Observatory for X-ray Timing telescope for the search for dark matter.
Physical Review D 90, 123532 (2014).

* G Ortiz, J Dukelsky, E Cobanera, C Esebbag, C Beenakker,
Many-body characterization of particle-conserving topological superfluids.
Physical Review Letters 113, 267002 (2014).

* V Palchykov, M Mitrovic, HH Jo, J Saramaki, RK Pan,
Inferring human mobility using communication patterns.
Scientific Reports 4, 6174 (2014).

* V Palchykov, K Kaski, J Kertesz,
Transmission of cultural traits in layered ego-centric networks.
Condensed Matter Physics 17, 33802 (2014).

* DI Pikulin, T Hyart, S Mi, J Tworzydlo, M Wimmer, CWJ Beenakker,
Disorder and magnetic-field-induced breakdown of helical edge conduction in an inverted electron-hole bilayer.
Physical Review B 89, 161403 (2014).

* DI Pikulin, T Hyart,
Interplay of exciton condensation and the quantum spin Hall effect in InAs/GaSb bilayers.
Physical Review Letters 112, 176403 (2014).

* M Raith, C Ertler, P Stano, M Wimmer, J Fabian,
Electric control of tunneling energy in graphene double dots.
Physical Review B 89, 085414 (2014).

* C Rampf, G. Rigopoulos, W Valkenburg,
A relativistic view on large scale N-body simulations.
Classical and Quantum Gravity 31, 234004 (2014).

* M Raveri, B Hu, N Frusciante, A Silvestri,
Effective field theory of cosmic acceleration: Constraining dark energy with CMB data.
Physical Review D 90, 043513 (2014).

* B Roy, V Juricic,
Strain-induced time-reversal odd superconductivity in graphene.
Physical Review B 90, 041413 (2014).

* M Schaller, C Becker, O Ruchayskiy, A Boyarsky, M Shaposhnikov,
A new framework for numerical simulations of structure formation.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 442, 3073-3095 (2014).

* RJ Slager, A Mesaros, V Juricic, J Zaanen,
Interplay between electronic topology and crystal symmetry: Dislocation-line modes in topological band insulators.
Physical Review B 90, 241403 (2014).

* RD Schram, GT Barkema,
Monte Carlo methods beyond detailed balance.
Physica A-Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 418, 88-93 (2015).

* T Squartini, D Garlaschelli,
Jan Tinbergen's legacy for economic networks: From the gravity model to quantum statistics.
Econophysics of Agent-Based Models 161-186 (2014).

* B Tarasinski, JK Asboth, JP Dahlhaus,
Scattering theory of topological phases in discrete-time quantum walks.
Physical Review A 89, 042327 (2014).

* N Upadhyaya, LR Gomez, V Vitelli,
Soliton attenuation and emergent hydrodynamics in fragile matter.
Physical Review X 4, 011045 (2014).

* W Valkenburg, V Marra, C Clarkson,
Testing the Copernican principle by constraining spatial homogeneity.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 438, L6-L10 (2014).

* B van Heck, S Mi, AR Akhmerov,
Single fermion manipulation via superconducting phase differences in multiterminal Josephson junctions.
Physical Review B 90, 155450 (2014).

* B van Heck, E Cobanera, J Ulrich, F Hassler,
Thermal conductance as a probe of the nonlocal order parameter for a topological superconductor with gauge fluctuations.
Physical Review B 89, 165416 (2014).

* JW van Holten, R Kerner,
Time-reparametrization invariance and Hamilton-Jacobi approach to the cosmological sigma-model.
Fortschritte der Physik-Progress of Physics 62, 543-555 (2014).

* JMJ van Leeuwen, HWJ Blöte,
Tumbling of a rigid rod in a shear flow.
Journal of Statistical Mechanics-Theory and Experiment P09007 (2014).

* JC Water, M Baiesi, E Carlon, H Schiessel,
Unwinding dynamics of a helically wrapped polymer.
Macromolecules 47, 4840-4846 (2014).

* K Wu, L Rademaker, J Zaanen,
Bilayer excitons in two-dimensional nanostructures for greatly enhanced thermoelectric efficiency.
Physical Review Applied 2, 054013 (2014).

* J Zaanen,
Electron mirages in an iron salt.
Nature 515, 205-206 (2014).

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