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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 1990

24 Jan

M. Nauenberg (Santa Cruz/Orsay)

Coherent quantum wave packets on Kepler elliptic orbits (with movie)

31 Jan

D. Lenstra (Leiden/Eindhoven)

Coherentie collapse in halfgeleiderlasers

7 Feb

Bernard Jones (Leiden/Kopenhagen)

Understanding the universe

14 Feb

D. Rainer (Bayreuth)

Particle hole coherence in superfuid 3He and superconductors

21 Feb

F. Peeters (Antwerpen)

Electrons in quantum wires: waves or billiard balls?

28 Feb

W. van Saarloos (AT&T Bell Laboratories)

Interface dynamics and phase transition order: nematic-smectic A transition

7 Mar

N. Jan (Cambridge/Antigonish)

The problem of damage spreading

14 Mar

A. Aspect (Parijs)

Wave-particle duality for a single photon

21 Mar

D. Shoenberg (Cambridge)

Recollections of 60 years in physics

28 Mar

P. Mazur (Leiden)

The role of Onsager relations in the development of thermodynamics or irreversible processes

4 Apr

P.J.H. Denteneer (Nijmegen)

Structures and properties of hydrogen impurity pairs in semiconductors

11 Apr

U. Geigenmüller (Delft)

Single electronics and macroscopic effects in coupled tunnel junctions

25 Apr

G. Koper (Gorlaeus Lab., Leiden)

Aging in spin glasses

9 May

E. Mazur (Harvard)

Light on surfaces and monolayers

16 May

K. Bedell (Los Alamos)

What kind of Fermi liquids are the high Tc superconductors?

30 May

B.J. Alder (Livermore/Leiden)

Superfluid region for a Bose-Coulomb gas with hard cores

6 Jun

J.D. Reppy (Cornell/Manchester)

The superfluid transition in 4He in random media

13 Jun

C. Stroud (Rochester)

Collapse and revival of the Rydberg electronic wave packet

20 Jun

L.P. Gor'kov (Moskou)

Paramagnetic impurities in the superconducting phase of La2CuO4

27 Jun

D. Pines (Urbana, Ill.)

Are the cuprate oxide superconductors antiferromagnetic Fermi liquids?

5 Sep

F. Laoë (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Parijs)

The physics of the clarinet

12 Sep

T.T.M. Palstra (AT&T Bell)

Vortex dynamica in anisotrope supergeleiders

19 Sep

J. Knoester (Groningen)

Collective excited state dynamics in condensed phases

26 Sep

G. Nienhuis (Utrecht)

Laser cooling

10 Oct

D. Wiersma (Groningen)

Dynamica van superstralende Frenkel excitonen in systemen met wanorde

17 Oct

A.P. van Ulden (KNMI)

Duurzame groei van het broeikaseffect

24 Oct

R.H.P. Kleiss (CERN/Leiden)

First results from LEP

31 Oct

J. Hilgevoord (Utrecht)

A new view on the uncertainty principle

7 Nov

H. Walther (München)

Single-atom experiments and the test of quantum physics

14 Nov

S. Hess

Structure of fluids in non-equilibrium

21 Nov

G. 't Hooft (Utrecht)

Het sphaleron

28 Nov

G.K. Miley (Leiden)

De verst verwijderde melkwegstelsels

12 Dec

C.W.J. Beenakker (Philips, Eindhoven)

Coulomb blockade of the Aharonov-Bohm effect in a quantum dot

19 Dec

P.T. de Zeeuw (Leiden)

A dark matter in galaxies

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