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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 1991

30 Jan

K.K. Likharev (Moskou/Delft)


13 Feb

T.M. Klapwijk (Groningen)

Electrical conductivity across interfaces between semiconductors and superconductors

20 Feb

H. Alloul (Orsay)

89Y NMR in 123 compounds, from antiferromagnetic to the metallic state

27 Feb

W.L. van Neerven (Leiden)

The Noble prize 1990

13 Mar

R. Lipowski (KFA Jüich)

The conformation of membranes

27 Mar

J.T.M. Walraven (Amsterdam)

Superfluid mirrors

10 Apr

J.G.H. Joosten(DSM, Geleen)

Dynamic light scattering by non-ergodic media

17 Apr

V.J. Emery (Brookhaven, USA/Utrecht)

Phase separation and high temperature superconductivity

24 Apr

G.J. van Heijst (TU Eindhoven)

Coherent vortices in geophysical fluid dynamics

1 May

V.I. Arnol'd (Moskou/Utrecht)

Newton's principia: the last three hundred years

29 May

W. Hoogland (CERN, Genève)

CERN's new frontier: the Large Hadron Collider

5 Jun

E.H. Hauge (Trondheim/Leiden)

How long does it take a particle to tunnel through a barrier?

12 Jun

R.J.C. Spreeuw (Leiden)

Optical atoms

19 Jun

P.C. Hohenberg (AT&T Bell Labs/Leiden)

The superfluid transition in porous media

26 Jun

G. Meier (Nijmegen)

Molecular soccer balls: a new form of matter

25 Sep

E.F. van Dishoeck (Leiden)

Molecular processes in interstellar clouds

2 Oct

H.H. Brongersma (TUE)

Low energy ion scattering

16 Oct

S.N. Coppersmith (AT&T Bell Labs)

Nonlinear dynamics of charge density waves

30 Oct

G. van der Steenhoven (NIKHEF-K)

Where are the protons in the atomic nucleus?

13 Nov

Y.R. Shen (UC Berkeley)

A nonlinear view of liquid crystals

27 Nov

M.H. Cohen (Exxon/UvA)

The Neolithic transition in Europe and the origin of European languages - a theoretical physicist's view

11 Dec

N.W. Ashcroft (Cornell)

Very dense hydrogen and its states of order

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