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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 2008

30 Jan

D.N. Spergel (Princeton)

Cosmology after WMAP

13 Feb

K.E. Schalm (Leiden)

Searching for signatures of strings

27 Feb

J.E. Moore (Berkeley)

Quantum information in statistical physics: From black holes to condensed matter

12 March

R.J. Silbey (MIT)

Effects of electronic coherence in the light harvesting complexes

26 March

N. Dekker (Delft)

From single molecules to the cell

16 April

M.R. Beasley (Stanford)

Seeking higher temperature superconductors: Why, What and Where?

23 April

J. Widom (Northwestern University)

A mechanical code for DNA structure and function

7 May

F.D.M. Haldane (Princeton)

A generalized "Pauli exclusion principle" for fractional quantum Hall states

1 May

N.P. Landsman (Nijmegen)

Rethinking the Bohr-Einstein debate

4 June

N. Spaldin (UC Santa Barbara)

New routes to electric field control of magnetism

25 June

M.D. Lukin (Harvard)

Controlling single nuclei and lighting nanowires: New frontiers of quantum optical science

3 Sep

Olivier Dauchot (Saclay)

From nonlocal granular rheology to dynamical heterogeneities in glasses

17 Sep

Sandy Faber (UC Santa Cruz)

The "Main Sequence" of galaxy formation

1 Oct

Alexander van Oudenaarden (MIT)

Nature, nurture or just blind chance: Stochastic gene expression and its consequences

15 Oct

Rembert Duine (Utrecht)

Berry's phase, motive forces, and domain walls

29 Oct

Andrei Gruzinov (New York University)

The origin of cosmic magnetic fields

12 Nov

Wilco Hazeleger (KNMI)

Projections and predictions of our future climate

26 Nov

Erik Verlinde (Amsterdam)

Black holes, holography and emergent gravity

3 Dec

Christian Glattli (Saclay)

When Pauli silences electrons : quantum noise in conductors

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