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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 2007

31 Jan

S. Lindsay (Phoenix, Arizona)

Darwinian nanoscience

7 Feb

A.V. Balatsky (Los Alamos)

Electronic nanoscale inhomogeneities and Dirac fermions in d-wave superconductors and graphene

21 Feb

F. MacKintosh (VU Amsterdam)

Active, non-equilibrium gels: Polymer physics and cell mechanics

7 March

Th. Rasing (Nijmegen)

From Huygens to Faraday: Controlling magnetism by light

21 March

W. Zurek (Los Alamos)

Probabilities (and more) from entanglement

11 April

R. Jackiw (MIT)

Topological order and fractional charge

18 April

J. Engelen (CERN, Geneva)

Experimental exploration of the terascale: The Large Hadron Collider

2 May

A.O. Caldeira (UNICAMP, Sao Paulo)

Quantum dissipation: Overview and applications

16 May

S. Tans (AMOLF)

Darwinian walks in empirical fitness landscapes

30 May

L. Smolin (Perimeter, Waterloo)

Background independent approaches to quantum gravity: Lessons and quandries

13 June

C.C. Tsuei (IBM Yorktown Heights)

Gap symmetry and pairing mechanism in high-temperature superconductors: The road to d-wave and beyond

20 June

R. Tromp (IBM Yorktown Heights)

Nanoscale surface dynamics

26 Sep

A.J. Liu (Pennsylvania)


10 Oct

S.J.G. Vandoren (Utrecht)

Nonperturbative string theory and the cosmological constant

24 Oct

J.B. Pendry (Imperial College, London)

A cloak of invisibility: Harry Potter does electromagnetism

14 Nov

U. Schollwoeck (Aachen)

Disentangling strongly correlated quantum systems

28 Nov

A.P. Mackenzie (St. Andrews)

Quantum criticality as a driver for discovery

12 Dec

S.R. Nagel (Chicago)

The life and death of a drop: Topological transitions and singularities in fluids

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