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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 2010

3 Feb

Erik Verlinde (Amsterdam)

On the origin of gravity and the laws of Newton

24 Feb

Shoucheng Zhang (Stanford)

Topological insulators and topological superconductors

10 Mar

Vincenzo Vitelli (Leiden)

From soft matter to dark matter: The statistical physics of lensing

31 Mar

Harry Atwater (Caltech)

Bending light to our will: Nanophotonic structures for terawatt-scale solar energy conversion

21 Apr

Gijs Wuite (VU Amsterdam)

Quantifying the physics inside the genome one molecule at a time

12 May

Tom Witten (Chicago)

Capillary Shaping of material

1 Sep

Gary Shiu (Wisconsin)

The promise of string cosmology

22 Sep

Mark Dennis (Bristol)

Much ado about knotting

13 Oct

Rob Phillips (Caltech)

Transcriptional regulation by the numbers

27 Oct

Franz Giessibl (Regensburg)

Advances in atomic force microscopy

24 Nov

Jan Kees Maan (Nijmegen)

Magnetic effects in non-magnetic materials

8 Dec

Giorgio Parisi (INFN Rome)

Theoretical progresses in off-equilibrium behaviour

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