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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 2011

26 Jan

Roderich Moessner (Dresden)

Magnetic monopoles in spin ice

16 Feb

Thomas Peitzmann (Utrecht)

A first view on the little bang at LHC by ALICE

9 Mar

Theo Odijk (Delft/Leiden)

The unusual behaviour of nanoconfined DNA

30 Mar

Alexei Boyarsky (Leiden)

Can a complete theory of particle physics be testable with present experimental techniques?

20 Apr

Catherine Pepin (Saclay)

The modulated spin liquid: a new paradigm for URu2Si2

11 May

Roger Penrose (Oxford/Leiden)

Is there evidence for quantum coherence in neuronal microtubules?

8 Jun

Gregory Falkovich (Weizmann)

Broken and emerging symmetries of turbulence.

21 Sep

Maxim Mostovoy (Groningen)

Electrical properties of unconventional magnetic orders and topological spin textures

12 Oct

Didier Sornette (ETH Zurich)

Physics and Economics (1776-2011): Inter-breeding, discoveries, and open problems

2 Nov

Wilson Poon (Edinburgh)

The physics of active colloids

23 Nov

Immanuel Bloch (MPI Munich)

Observing and controlling quantum matter at the single atom level

14 Dec

Gia Dvali (LMU-MPI Munich)

Nature's shortest length

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