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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 2015

25 Feb

Shivaji Sondhi (Princeton)

Many-body localization

15 Apr

Ludvig Faddeev (St. Petersburg)

The new life of integrability

13 May

John Pendry (Lorentz Professor)

The sub wavelength control of light

20 May

Jean-Philippe Bouchaud (Palaiseau)

Critical price impact and the intrinsic fragility of financial markets

30 Sep

Paul Townsend (Cambridge Univ.)

Let's twist again: Revisiting the relation between supersymmetry, twistors and the division algebras [recording]

4 Nov

Dov Levine (Technion)

Exotic order?

25 Nov

Frank Verstraete (Leuven)

Entanglement matters: from Bell states to quantum tensor networks

9 Dec

Paul Wiegmann (Chicago)

Geometric transport: Quantum Hall States - the case study

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