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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 2016

3 Feb

Robert Brandenberger (Montreal/Zürich)

Testing string theory with cosmological observations

2 Mar

Dam Son (Chicago)

Emergent relativistic fermions on the half-filled Landau level

23 Mar

Alessandro Vespignani (Boston)

Modeling of epidemics: from the physics of reaction-diffusion processes to infectious disease forecast

13 Apr

Jörg Schmiedmayer (Vienna)

Does an isolated quantum system relax?

18 May

Charles Kane (Lorentz Professor)

Symmetry, topology and electronic phases of matter

1 June

Daniel Fisher (Stanford)

Can evolution be understood quantitatively?

14 Sep

William Irvine (Chicago)

The life of vortex knots and links: The flow of knottiness across scales

5 Oct

Matthias Troyer (Zürich)

High performance quantum computing

2 Nov

Mark Trodden (U Penn)

Pushing Einstein's boundaries: Gravitational approaches to the challenges of modern cosmology

9 Nov

Michele Parrinello (Zürich)

Fluctuations and rare events

7 Dec

Philip Kim (Harvard)

Correlated electrons in graphene

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