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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 1992

15 Jan

J.M.J. van Leeuwen (Leiden)

The 1991 Nobel prize for physics

29 Jan

H. Bouchiat (Orsay)

Persistent currents and dissipation in isolated mesoscopic rings

19 Feb

A.F. Andreev (Moskou/Leiden)

Reflection of quasiparticles from N-S boundaries as a method of investigation of superconducting and superfluid states

26 Feb

A.T.A.M. de Waele (TU Eindhoven)

Two-dimensional electron gases at low temperatures

11 Mar

W.T. Giele (Fermi Lab)

Will 1992 bring us the top quark?

18 Mar

J. Smit (VU Amsterdam)

The extinction of dinosaurs in relation to the impact model of asteroids

8 Apr

K. Duppen (Groningen)

Experimental evidence for non-Markovian optical dynamics on a femto-second timescale

15 Apr

H.W. Fink (IBM Zürich)

Holography with low energy electrons

6 May

N. Westerhof (VU, Amsterdam)

The heart and the arterial tree as a physical system

20 May

W. Grill (Goethe Universität, Frankfurt)

Scanning acoustic microscopy and second sound microscopy with phase contrast

27 May

M.J. van der Wiel (FOM Rijnhuizen)

The first results of the new free electron laser FELIX

24 Jun

A.J. Millis (AT&T Bell Labs)

Is the low-temperature physics of the heavy fermion materials dominated by proximity to a magnetic critical point?

1 Jul

A. Libchaber (NEC/Princeton University)

Scaling relations in thermal turbulence

9 Sep

S. Feng (UCLA/Leiden)

Magneto-resistance in the variable range hopping regime

16 Sep

G. Sawatzky (Groningen)

C60 - a system with entirely new physics?

30 Sep

E. Mazur (Harvard/Leuven)

'Cold melting': ultrafast electronic disordening of GaAs using femtosecond laser pulses

7 Oct

H. Westerhoff (Ned. Kanker Instituut, Amsterdam)

Does nature throw dice in biological systems?

21 Oct

C. Dekker (Utrecht)

The vortex glass: a new phase in superconductors

4 Nov

M. Schick (Seattle/München)

What is so complex about complex fluids?

11 Nov

H.G. Muller (AMOLF)

Are resonances necessary for subpicosecond multi-photon ionization?

25 Nov

N. Mulders (Exeter)

The superfluid transition in 4He in aerogel

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