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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 1993

20 Jan

A.G.M. Janner (KUN)

The Pentagram: from Pythagorean initiation to quasi-crystal symmetry

3 Feb

G.E.W. Bauer (TU-Delft)

Excitons and electronhole plasmas in quantum wells

10 Feb

P. van Baal (Leiden)

How to tame the strong interactions of elementary particles

17 Feb

R.E. Peierls (Oxford)

Broken Symmetries

10 Mar

J. Zaanen (Leiden)

Freezing high Tc's normal state: charged magnetic domain walls in La1.8S0.2NiO4

17 Mar

J. Wess (München)

Symmetries in Particle Physics - from isospin to supersymmetry

24 Mar

D.G. Stavenga (Groningen)

Light in insect eyes - physical limits to biological performance

31 Mar

V. Frenkel (Ioffe Inst., Petersburg)

Paul Ehrenfest in Russia and the Soviet Union

7 Apr

H.C.W. Beijerinck (TU Eindhoven)

Laser cooling and ultra-cold collisions: perfect twins

28 Apr

M. Tinkham (Harvard/Delft)

New experiments on mesoscopic tunnel junctions

12 May

G. Pizzella (Rome)

Search for gravitational waves

19 May

A.F. Andreev (Kapitza Inst., Moscow/Leiden)

Fast rotation hydrodynamics of superfluids

26 May

A.W. Kleyn (Amolf)

Rainbows at surfaces

16 Jun

M.J. Klein (Yale University)

Some new insights from the Einstein papers

15 Sep

G. 't Hooft (Utrecht)

Black Holes in Elementary Particle Physics

29 Sep

P. Kelly (Philips, Eindhoven)

Parameter-free calculations of the properties of materials (Bumble-bees which DO fly)

6 Oct

J. Frenken (AMOLF, Amsterdam)

Surface dynamics and phase transitions studied with ion scattering and high-speed high-temperature STM

27 Oct

M.E. Fisher (Maryland, USA/Leiden)

The Saga of Coulombic Criticality: Debye-Hückel, Bjerrum, and Beyond

3 Nov

S. Keiding (Odense University, Denemarken)

Teraherz electronics and far-infrared optics

17 Nov

S. Balibar (ENS, Parijs)

Cavitation in an ultra pure liquid

1 Dec

M. Lüscher (Desy, Hamburg)

Random numbers and deterministic chaos

8 Dec

J. van Ruitenbeek (Leiden)

Building electrical contacts atom-by-atom

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