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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 1994

12 Jan

J. Kaastra (Ruimteonderzoek, Leiden)

Massive binary black holes in galactic nuclei

26 Jan

J. Smit (UvA, Amsterdam)

How effective is the Standard Model?

9 Feb

J.J. Koenderink (Medische Fysica, Utrecht)

Pictorial relief

23 Feb

D. Frenkel (AMOLF, Amsterdam)

Solids that boil, liquids that don't

16 Mar

W.E. Moerner (IBM research, San José/ETH, Zürich)

Spectroscopy of individual molecules in solids

30 Mar

I.K. Yanson (Kharkov, Ukraine/Leiden)

Electrons passing through a point contact in a magnetic field

20 Apr

J.R. Dorfman (Maryland/Utrecht)

Long range correlations in fluids: theory and experiment

27 Apr

C. Caroli (Paris VII)

Solid friction as a nonlinear physics problem: stick-slip and creep

11 May

H. Meyer (Duke, North Carolina)

Equilibration near the liquid-vapor critical point: relevance to microgravity experiments

1 Jun

G. Hadziioannou (Groningen)

Computational devices from soft materials. Is that possible?!

7 Sep

B. Poelsema (Universiteit Twente)

Manipulation of layer-by-layer growth in metal epitaxy

21 Sep

R. Dijkgraaf (UvA, Amsterdam)

The unreasonable effectiveness of physics in modern mathematics

12 Oct

M. Spiro (DAPNIA, Saclay)

Recent results from the EROS experiment on the search for dark matter (MACHO's)

19 Oct

J.-M. Lévy-Leblond (Nice)

Quantum effects at large (how to build a big world out of small constants)

2 Nov

F.Y. Wu (North Eastern Univ., Boston/UvA, Amsterdam)

Knot theory and statistical mechanics

16 Nov

G. Björk (Royal Inst. of Tech., Kista, Zweden)

The physics of semiconductor microlasers

30 Nov

W. van de Water (TU-Eindhoven)

Spatio-temporal chaos

14 Dec

G. Aeppli (AT&TBell Labs, Murray Hill)

From magnets to superconductors with hot and cold neutrons

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