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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 1995

25 Jan

M. Veltman (Ann Arbor/Nikhef-H)

Do black holes exist?

15 Feb

J. Blatter (ETH-Zürich)

Vortices in high temperature superconductors

22 Feb

N.J. Lopes Cardozo (FOM, Rijnhuizen)

Filamentation of hot plasma in a magnetic field

1 Mar

N.D. Mermin (Cornell/Leiden)

Reinventing crystallography: The symmetry of aperiodic crystals

8 Mar

H. Salemink (IBM-Zürich)

Atomic-scale investigations on semiconductor nanostructures: Composition and doping

22 Mar

C. van Haesendonck (Leuven/UvA)


19 Apr

L. Faddeev (St. Petersburg/Utrecht)

Quantization, what is it?

17 May

B.L. Altshuler (NEC/MIT)

Universalities: From Anderson localization to quantum chaos

7 Jun

V. J. Emery (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Collective charge transport in high temperature superconductors

13 Sep

F. Haake (Essen)

From superfluorescent pulses to a superradiant laser

4 Oct

R. Snieder (Utrecht)

Imaging the interior of the earth

1 Nov

M. Nauenberg (Santa Cruz/UvA)

Discovery of the laws of orbital motion: Newton, Huygens and Hooke; Solution of a 300 year old puzzle

15 Nov

W. Schleich (Ulm, Duitsland)

Quantum phase

29 Nov

J. Engelen (NIKHEF)

Electron-proton scattering at high energy and the re-appearance of the Pomeron

13 Dec

A. Weis (MPI, Garching)

Atoms in Helium crystals: ".... and what if time would go backwards?"

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