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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 1996

17 Jan

M. Dogterom (AT&T Bell Labs, Murray Hill)

Physical aspects of microtubule growth and mitotic spindle formation

31 Jan

H.J. Hilhorst (Orsay/Leiden)

Spin glass theory in low dimensions

14 Feb

V. Gribov (Landau Inst./Budapest/Bonn)

Physics of quark confinement

21 Feb

R.E. Goldstein (Princeton)

The geometry of nonlinear dynamics from Turing patterns to superconductors

28 Feb

D. Montgomery (Dartmouth/Eindhoven)

Turbulence and entropy

6 Mar

E. Brezin (ENS, Paris)

Why did we need statistical mechanics to understand quantum field theory?

20 Mar

H. de Wijn (Utrecht)

Monochromatic phonons

17 Apr

T. Jacobson (Maryland/Utrecht)

Black holes and the transplanckian puzzle

1 May

R. Packard (Berkeley)

The role of the a.c. Josephson equation in superfluid Helium

4 Sep

T. Bohr (NBI, Copenhagen)

Another kind of turbulence

25 Sep

N.J. van Druten (Leiden)

Bose-Einstein condensation: Atomic identity crisis

23 Oct

Y. Imry (Weizmann/Leiden)

Electron interaction effects in quantum dots

30 Oct

M. Devoret (Saclay)

Do resistors make shot noise?

6 Nov

A. Zeilinger (Innsbruck)

Experiment, entanglement and the foundations of quantum physics

20 Nov

S. Kivelson (UCLA)

Pairing without condensation in high temperature superconductors

4 Dec

B.F. Schutz (MPI-Potsdam)

Gravitational waves from black holes

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