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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 1997

5 Feb

D.P. DiVincenzo (IBM, Yorktown Heights)

Quantum computation

12 Feb

J. Fröhlich (ETH, Zürich)

Special features of condensed matter physics in one and two dimensions

5 Mar

J.C. Maan (Nijmegen)

Composite fermions; a new way of looking at the "old" fractional quantum Hall effect

2 Apr

R.C. Richardson (Cornell)

The remarkable properties of superfluid 3He

16 Apr

D. Bensimon (ENS, Paris)

Manipulation and elastic properties of DNA

23 Apr

B.I. Halperin (Harvard/Leiden)

The quantum Hall effects: quantized and unquantized

7 May

T.W.B. Kibble (Imperial College, London)

Testing cosmological defect formation in the laboratory

28 May

C.M. Marcus (Stanford)

Quantum chaos in quantum dots

4 Jun

B.L. Altshuler (Princeton)

Spectroscopy of quantum dots: exact quantum states and Landau quasiparticles

25 Jun

R.A. Mathies (Berkeley)

A coherent picture of visual photochemistry

24 Sep

L.R.M. Maas (NIOZ, Texel)

Surprising behaviour of waves in stratified fluids

8 Oct

Ph. Grangier (Inst.d'Optique, Orsay)

Quantum non-demolition measurement

22 Oct

Th. Giamarchi (Orsay)

Bragg and moving glasses: a theory for disordered vortex lattices

12 Nov

E. Salje (Cambridge)

Tweed and stripes - how solids relax

26 Nov

A. Goldbeter (ULB, Brussel)

Theoretical study of oscillations and waves in intercellular communication

10 Dec

J.G. van Ingen Schenau (VU, Amsterdam)

The physics of klapskating

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