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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 1998

14 Jan

E. Verlinde (Utrecht)

From quantum fields to gravity and strings

28 Jan

G. Ahlers (UCSB/Bayreuth)

Experiments on spatio-temporal complexity

11 Feb

H. Stoof (Utrecht)

The physics of Bose-Einstein condensates

4 Mar

J.P. Toennies (Göttingen)

How many 4He atoms are needed to make a superfluid?

18 Mar

B. Barbara (Neel lab., Grenoble)

Quantum and classical aspects of magnetisation reversal in nano-particles

1 Apr

V. Icke (Leiden/Amsterdam)

Death becomes them (the end of Sun-like stars)

8 Apr

S. Leibler (Princeton/EMBL, Heidelberg)

On collective phenomena in the cell

22 Apr

F. Wilczek (IAS, Princeton/Leiden)

Getting its from bits: Modern Pythagorism

6 May

E. Otten (Mainz)

Measurement of the form factors of the neutron and the human lung with polarized He-3

13 May

S. Sachdev (Yale)

Dynamics near quantum phase transitions: a perspective on correlated electron systems

27 May

G. Veneziano (CERN, Geneva)

String cosmology and the beginning-of-time myth

4 Nov

W. Ketterle (MIT)

Keeping the focus on Bose-Einstein condensates

25 Nov

P.C.E. Stamp (UBC, Vancouver)

Quantum irreversibility: The fundamental mechanisms of decoherence

9 Dec

J.L. van Hemmen (TU München)

Sound localization in the barn owl: Tuning neuronal hardware with microsecond precision

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