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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 1999

20 Jan

K. Schoutens (UvA)

Fractional charge and statistics in quantum Hall systems

10 Feb

C.H. Townes (Berkeley)

How the laser happened

3 Mar

D. Lohse (TU-Twente)

Sonoluminescence: When bubbles glow

24 Mar

J. de Boer (Leiden)

How much information does string theory give us?

14 Apr

S. Hunklinger (Heidelberg)

Indications for a macroscopic state of tunneling systems in glasses

21 Apr

A.K. Geim (Nijmegen)

When frogs fly and ideal diamagnets flaunt paramagnetism

12 May

M. de Jong (NIKHEF)

Neutrino: masses, mixing and oscillations

15 Sep

R. Bruinsma (UCLA)

Physical aspects of DNA condensation

22 Sep

A.D. Stone (Yale)

Classical and quantum chaos in asymmetric optical resonant cavities

13 Oct

M.V. Berry (Bristol/Leiden)

Quantum indistinguishability

27 Oct

P. Grassberger (Jülich/Wuppertal)

Go with the winners: A simulation strategy between evolutionary and Monte Carlo algorithms

10 Nov

H. Bohr (Lyngby, Denmark)

Coherent topological modes in biomolecules

24 Nov

A. Connes (IHES, Bures-sur-Yvette)

Noncommutative geometry

8 Dec

R.H. Stuewer (Minneapolis)

The case of the elusive particles: Nuclear disintegration and the Cambridge-Vienna controversy

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