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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 2000

26 Jan

B. Nienhuis (UvA)

Quasicrystals: What shall we do with the drunken tiler

16 Feb

H. van Driel (Toronto)

Quantum interference control of semiconductors

8 Mar

D. Dieks (Utrecht)

Does space exist? A relationist view of space and time

29 Mar

E.P.J. van den Heuvel (UvA)

Jan van Paradijs: Legacy in gamma-ray burst research

12 Apr

D.I. Olive (Swansea/Utrecht)

Electromagnetic duality

3 May

H. Satz (Bielefeld)

Quark matter and nuclear collisions

24 May

C.M. Varma (Bell Labs, Murray Hill/Leiden)

Quantum criticality in the high-Tc superconductivity phenomena

20 Sep

B. Keimer (MPI Stuttgart)

Collective spin dynamics in correlated materials

11 Oct

G. J. van Oldenburg (KNMI, de Bilt)

El Nino: Mechanisms, consequences and seasonal forecasts

18 Oct

H. Berg (Harvard)

Secrets of bacterial flagella

1 Nov

D. Bonn (ENS, Paris)

Bouncing polymer droplets

15 Nov

D. Bouwmeester (Oxford)

Quantum entanglement: Past, present and future

29 Nov

M.P.A. Fisher (UC Santa Barbara)

Splintering the electron: Exotica in solid state physics

13 Dec

A.W.W. Ludwig (UC Santa Barbara)

Critical behavior in the presence of quenched disorder

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