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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 2001

24 Jan

J.E. Mooij (Delft)

Practical quantum computers

7 Feb

R. van de Weygaert (Groningen)

The cosmic matter distribution: Foamlike patterns and the scaling of spatial clustering

21 Feb

B. Batlogg (Zürich)

Organic materials for light and electricity

21 Mar

G. Fleming (Berkeley)

The mechanism of photosynthetic light harvesting

4 Apr

B. Spivak (Seattle)

Interference effects in 2 dimensional disordered systems and electronic correlations

18 Apr

C. Schmidt (VU Amsterdam)

The nano-mechanics of biological motors

25 Apr

J. Peebles (Princeton)

The origin and present state of application of the cosmological tests

9 May

S. G. Boxer (Stanford)

Supported lipid bilayers: physics and technology in 2D fluids

30 May

E. Bergshoeff (Groningen)

The present status of the supermembrane

6 Jun

F. Wilczek (MIT)

The world's numerical recipe

20 Jun

T. Lubensky (Pennsylvania)

Sliding phases: from DNA lipid complexes to smectic metals

5 Sep

P. Steinhardt (Princeton)

The dark side of the Universe

26 Sep

S. Hilgenfeldt (Twente)

The many facets of foam

10 Oct

M. Orrit (Leiden)

Single molecules as doorways to nanoscience

31 Oct

H.T.C. Stoof (Utrecht)

The 2001 Nobel Prize in physics: Bose-Einstein condensation

7 Nov

J. Weeks (Maryland)

Connecting local structure to interface formation: generalized van der Waals theory of nonuniform fluids

14 Nov

D. Vollhardt (Augsburg)

Superfluid helium, particle physics and the Big Bang

28 Nov

A. Sudbo (Trondheim)

The two faces of the superconductor

12 Dec

C. Filippi (Leiden)

Why are electronic structure calculations useful

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