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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 2002

23 Jan

C. Dekker (Delft)

Nanotechnology with carbon nanotubes

30 Jan

B. Schellekens (NIKHEF)

An unoriented trip to the edge of string theory

27 Feb

G. Rozenberg (Leiden)

Computational aspects of gene assembly in Ciliates

13 Mar

A. Lagendijk (Twente)

Random lasers

27 Mar

A. van Helden (Utrecht)

The medium and the message: the book of nature according to Galileo

17 Apr

J.C. Davis (Berkeley)

Imaging the wavefunctions of the elementary excitations in a d-wave superconductor

1 May

L. Kouwenhoven (Delft)

Electrons in quantum dots

15 May

A. Auerbach (Haifa)

The journey from microscopics to emergent phenomena in correlated electrons

22 May

J. Gollub (Pennsylvania)

The nonlinear dynamics of mixing in fluids

29 May

D. Ceperley (Urbana)

Hydrogen at high pressure: a quantum soup made with path integrals

18 Sep

W. van Gunsteren (Zürich)

Computer simulation of biomolecular systems: from proton transfer to peptide folding

23 Oct

J. Preskill (Caltech)

Quantum computation and the future of physics

6 Nov

G. Meijer (FOM Rijnhuizen)

Cold molecules

20 Nov

N.G. Turok (Cambridge)

Cyclic universe scenario

4 Dec

J. van den Brink (Leiden)

On the hidden order and disorder of electron orbitals in solids

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