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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 2003

8 Jan

K. Sreenivasan (Yale/Maryland)

Turbulent thermal convection

22 Jan

B. de Smit (Leiden)

Escher, elliptic curves, and the Droste effect

5 Feb

S. Bentvelsen (NIKHEF)

Tests of the Standard Model at particle colliders

26 Feb

T. Klapwijk (Delft)

Photon assisted superconductive tunneling for astronomers

19 Mar

J. Prost (Paris)

The physics of sound detection at the scale of the cell

26 Mar

W. Wernsdorfer (Grenoble)

Quantum dynamics in single molecule magnets

23 Apr

A. Dalgarno (Harvard)

Collisions of atoms and molecules at ultracold temperatures

7 May

Z.X. Shen (Stanford)

Many-body physics in cuprate superconductors: reports from Einstein's photoelectrons

14 May

P. Coleman (Rutgers)

Quantum criticality: new frontier in strongly correlated materials

21 May

L.P. Kadanoff (Chicago)

Computer models: the good, the bad and the awful

4 June

H. Kleinert (Berlin)

Recent progress in path integration

1 Oct

K. Visscher (Arizona)

Observing single ribosomes make single proteins

22 Oct

P. van Nieuwenhuizen (Stony Brook)

Some historical remarks and assessments of quantum gauge field theory

5 Nov

J.P. Hansen (Utrecht/Cambridge)

A coarse-grained view of polymersolutions: the "soft colloid" paradigm

12 Nov

M. Magnasco (Rockefeller)

The dynamical basis of auditory acuity

19 Nov

R. Penrose (Oxford)

Is quantum state reduction an objective gravitational effect? Theory and a new experiment

3 Dec

Y. Nazarov (Delft)

Quantum noise: challenge and prospect

10 Dec

P.H. Kes (Leiden)

The Physics Nobel Prize 2003 and some recent imaging results of the vortex lattice

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