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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 2004

21 Jan

R.H. Dijkgraaf (Amsterdam)

Supersymmetric gauge theories and matrix models

4 Feb

M. de Kieviet (Heidelberg)

Lots of whirl about the vacuum? A quantitative experiment on the Casimir force

18 Feb

R. Pisarski (Brookhaven/Copenhagen)

A new form of matter in heavy ion collisions at high energies

3 Mar

A. Zeilinger (Vienna)

From Einstein to quantum information

17 Mar

G. Aeppli (London)

The reappearance of quantum mechanics in magnetism

24 Mar

G. Volovik (Helsinki/Moscow)

Momentum-space topology and emergent relativity

7 Apr

R.E. Goldstein (Tucson)

Individual and collective dynamics of bacteria

21 April

J. Cardy (Oxford)

Quantum methods for classical non-equilibrium statistical mechanics

12 May

R. Balian (Saclay)

The quantum measurement problem: A possible solution?

26 May

T. Vachaspati (Cleveland)

Simulating cosmology in the laboratory

9 June

M.I. Stockman (Atlanta)

Nanophotonics: Ideas and phenomena

29 Sep

D. Gough (Cambridge)

Physics from the Sun

13 Oct

L. Susskind (Stanford)

The anthropic landscape of string theory

27 Oct

J.P. Bouchaud (Saclay)

Statistical mechanics of financial markets: From theoretical models to trading

10 Nov

L. Vandersypen (Delft)

Quantum computing with Spins

24 Nov

E.M. Forgan (Birmingham)

Quantised magnetic flux lines in low- and high-Tc superconductors

15 Dec

F.Y. Wu (Northeastern University, Boston)

Theory of resistor network: The two-point resistance

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