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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 2005

26 Jan

G. Pickett (Lancaster)

Superfluid 3He: A unique system and a model of the universe

9 Feb

P.F. Barbara (Austin)

The surprising electronic energy landscape of conjugated polymers

23 Feb

U. Ebert (Amsterdam/Eindhoven)

Sparks and high altitude lightning: the dynamics of electric breakdown

9 Mar

M. Katsnelson (Nijmegen)

Nanoscale world between quantum and classical

23 Mar

D. Weitz (Harvard)

Colloidal suspensions as models for condensed matter: Crystals, glasses and gels

13 Apr

A. Sokal (New York)

How complex numbers elucidate real physics: The Yang-Lee approach to phase transitions

20 Apr

W.G. Unruh (Vancouver)

Deaf and dumb holes --- Sonic and other analogs to black holes

27 Apr

E.K.U. Gross (Berlin)

How to predict the critical temperature of superconductors: A density-functional perspective

11 May

P. Littlewood (Cambridge)

Coherent excitonic matter

1 June

P. Zoller (Innsbruck)

Quantum information processing with atoms and ions

12 Oct

M.E. Cates (Edinburgh)

The role of capillary forces in colloidal arrest

26 Oct

C. de Morais-Smith (Utrecht)

Zooming in on the Quantum Hall effect

9 Nov

N. Gisin (Geneva)

Can relativity be considered complete?

23 Nov

J. Blatter (Zürich)

Superconducting devices for quantum computing

7 Dec

J.P. Spatz (Heidelberg)

Biophysical models of cell adhesion and mechanics applying nano- and microlithographic tools

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