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Colloquium Ehrenfestii in 2006

25 Jan

H. Schiessel (Leiden)

Roll, slide, twist: The basepair ballet

15 Feb

I. Bloch (Mainz)

Exploring quantum matter in crystals of light

1 Mar

A. Geim (Manchester)

Q.E.D. in a pencil trace

15 Mar

Y. Levin (Leiden)

Making a supermassive black hole

29 Mar

E. Demler (Harvard)

Strongly correlated systems of cold atoms

5 Apr

J. Dalibard (Paris)

Bose-Einstein condensation at work: From quantum vortices to atom lasers

19 Apr

J. Kirtley (IBM Yorktown Heights)

Experiments with photo-lithographically produced superconducting rings

3 May

R. Loll (Utrecht)

Taking a close look at (quantum) spacetime

17 May

D.R. Nelson (Harvard)

Non-Hermitian Luttinger liquids and vortex physics

31 May

M. Scully (Princeton)

Using quantum mechanics to resolve the Maxwell demon paradox

20 Sep

P.G. de Gennes (Paris)

Quantum solids: Dislocation motion induced by zero-point motion

4 Oct

S.M. Girvin (Yale)

Atomic physics and quantum optics with superconducting electrical circuits

18 Oct

G. Barkema (Utrecht)

Physical chemistry of affymetrix microarrays

1 Nov

C. Urbina (Saclay)

Josephson tunneling through one atom

15 Nov

F.A. Bais (Amsterdam)

Topological phases, anyons and quantum computation

6 Dec

T. Kibble (London)

Topological defects in cosmology and condensed matter

13 Dec

M. Kardar (MIT)

The shape dependence of fluctuation-induced forces

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