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Jan Zaanen
Jan Zaanen holds a chair of theoretical condensed matter physics at the Institute Lorentz. His core research interests are in the subject of quantum matter.   Please find Jan’s  Scientific autobiography,  CV,  publications, google scholar and wikipedia .

Koenraad Schalm
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Koenraad Schalm studies string theory and its connections to models of particle physics and cosmology in particular. His current research is focused on the remarkable possibilities that near-future cosmological observations as well as upcoming particle-collider or condensed matter experiments can contain signatures of string theory.  Publications

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David Rodriguez Fernandez
My research interests are the applications of the AdS/CFT correspondence to strongly coupled phenomena. This includes systems in condensed matter, hydrodynamics and QCD. My aim is to be able to confront the theoretical predictions
to experimental data.

Kevin Grosvenor
I did my Ph.D. at U.C. Berkeley, followed by postdoc work at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen and then a second postdoc between the University of Würzburg and the Max Planck Institute PKS Dresden. Currently, I am a Marie Curie Postdoc Fellow in the Quantum Matter Theory Group. My research interests are in the areas of quantum field theory, gravity, holography, and information theory. Publications

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Floris Balm
My undergraduate years were spent at the University of Edinburgh. Throughout my undergrad I have done research on the BCJ duality as well as DFT/MD calculations on solid hydrogen under megabar pressures. My MPhys thesis was on the topic of Lattice QCD under Prof. Luigi Del Debbio, where I worked on exploring the Rho meson resonance using the new GRID computational framework that was Publications

Aleksandar Bukva
I did undergraduate studies at the Belgrade University. Through the collaboration with the Institute of Physics in Belgrade I did my master thesis under supervision of Milica Milovanovic on Lattice-like structures in Lowest Landau Lev ( I am interested in AdS/CFT duality from CM side, quantum phases of matter and numerical simulations of strongly correlated system.

Vladimir Ohanesjan
My interests range from quantum gravity, particle physics, strongly interacting systems and condensed matter to AI. My goal during the PhD is to better understand the nature of space, time and the dynamics of strongly entangled quantum systems, using quantum information theory and holography.



Nicolas Chagnet   
I did my undergraduate and my Master’s at École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, on holographic models such as optical conductivities in Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton models. My thesis was on Holographic Fermi Liquids and the transition between Fermi Liquids and Non-Fermi Liquids in holography, and some work on the role of symmetries in quantum circuits. I am interested in the Ads/CFT duality applied to the puzzles of condensed matter and to its applications to quantum gravity.

Tereza Vakhtel 
My BSc degree was with specialization in QFT applied to particle physics. Upon my graduation, I enrolled at Leiden University for the Master’s program in theoretical physics. I took various courses in theoretical/experimental physics and math at different Dutch   universities. My Master thesis supervisor was Prof. Koenraad Schalm, and the thesis was about thermalization in quantum many-body systems. Since September 2020, I’m a shared PhD student between the groups ofCarlo Beenakker and Koenraad Schalm. My current scientific interests are superconductivity and mesoscopic physics.

Nico Pos
I am an international civil servant in Brussels. Now that my pension is nearing, I feel like pursuing a doctor’s degree. I studied at the Free University of Amsterdam (“kandidaats”) and the University of Groningen (“doctoraal”) in the nineteen-eighties. Jan and I go back to our mutual joyful and productive Groningen-days. Consistent quantum and (semi-)classical physics theories seem incompatible from foundational and relational perspectives.  I am interested in “Quantum State Reduction and the Origin of Stochastic Dynamics”; in particular the (spontaneous/induced) collapse of the wave function and the (potential) implications to many-body interactions.

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Sam Arend

Martijn Janse

Jonah Post

Ole Moors

Joost Aretz

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